What is Boudoir Photography?

What is Boudoir Photography Known For?

What is boudoir photography?

  • It's a photoshoot commissioned by a private individual who wants pictures of themself either naked or wearing underwear.
  • It's stepping outside your comfort zone for a confidence boost.
  • It's something you would do as a private gift for a lover. It's erotic, sexy, arty and exciting!

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Alexandra in her own words... "What is boudoir photography is a question I am often asked. It's a style of photographic portraiture which is designed to be complimentary to the sitter and offers her a therapeutic confidence boost.

I love the variety of it. However, it differs from glamour photography because clients are generally having a photoshoot for private use rather than for use in commercial publications such as Playboy or GQ magazine, so the pictures tend to be more artistic and less brightly lit - less full frontal!

To me, boudoir photography means ‘adventure’.  A stepping outside of your comfort zone to create something brave, something positive. It is a type of therapy - but better than therapy because the resultant photographs provide a lasting positive proof - photographic evidence! In my experience it’s a confidence boost that really works. So far we’ve seen over 20,000 women here at the studio and with more clients booking in daily it shows how popular the sessions are.

What is boudoir photgraphy? It's a confidence boosting, uplifting experience with beautiful artistic photos to cherish.

It’s funny because it’s not always the ladies booking in for themselves. Quite often a partner will get in touch to say ‘can you help her?’ It's about perspective you see. Sometimes, in fact more often than not, the way that a partner sees you is not the way you see yourself. It can become a real issue if a woman feels too insecure to share her body in an open and visual way with her partner. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but the video on our about page follows the story of Nicola who wouldn’t let her husband see her bottom in daylight - until after she’d had her FYEO photoshoot. Go have a look if you haven’t seen it!

"Boudoir photography can be done naked or with lingerie"

Coming to terms with ones issue of low body confidence can mean the difference beteeen intimacy and distance between a couple, I've seen it nearly destroy relationships  - and witnessed the recovery and reconnection of a couple through the faboulous work we do here at FYEO.

Boudoir photography means:
  • Photographs from a photoshoot are artistic - revealing the body in a flattering and sensual way perhaps wearing their favourite lingerie, sometimes nude.
  • The experience is excellent for boosting ones self confidence.
  • Benefits of a session include; increased intimacy with a partner because of the increase in body confidence. And. Feeling more comfortable in your own skin, to that extent that you fall in love with your own body!
  • A privately commissioned photographic service with boudoir poses.

Benefits of a boudoir photography session include increased intimacy with a partner because of the increase in body confidence.

Here at FYEO we are a female led service which is designed to put women at ease. I designed the studio experience to be one where even the most shy person would feel comfortable enough to have a naked photo. And 93% of them do.
With laughter and love and understanding and creativity and the sharing of stories of pain and pleasure, the studio experience here at FYEO is one to remember.  And the photos? For Your Eyes Only.
If you haven’t visited my galleries yet, take a few minutes to check them out. They feature staff, friends and volunteers who all want to help you understand what a photoshoot means to them. Confidence. Femininity. Awareness.
I remain steadfast on my mission to help even more women explore their feminine side and empower them with the super power of body confidence.
Have you booked in for your photoshoot yet?

Your boudoir photoshoot will take place in our private female run studio in Lane End Village in Buckinghamshire, only 30 minutes from central London in th UK.

You'll be photographed by one of the FYEO Girls, Gemma, Alex, or Claire. Whilst you're being photographed, it's just you and your photographer in the room, so it's nice and private for you.

You'll be shown how to pose the whole way through your session, even your toes get directed! Visit our boudoir poses page.

Bring your favourite lingerie, heels, jewellery, and any other favourite accessories you want to bring from home. No judgement here!

See our what to bring page.

Choose FYEO because we know how to DIRECT you into the most flattering poses for your body shape.

Choose FYEO because of our beautiful skin smoothing lighting.

Choose FYEO for the one-to-one private studio experience with guaranteed confidentiality.

Choose FYEO because we've bee tried and TRUSTED by over 20,000 women since 2002 and have thousands of 5* reviews.

Choose FYEO because our portrait studio experience has been designed by women for women.

Choose FYEO for our private studio experience.

Choose FYEO for our beautiful photographs as seen on TV. View our Boudoir Galleries by clicking here.

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