Flirty poses

Photo of a woman wearing pink lingerie for her glamour photoshoot

Everything this model is doing has been directed by her female photographer. From the position of her legs to the way she is holding her hands.

Curve creating poses

lingerie photoshoot

Lifting and arching through the torso and lower back helps to create more curves, even if you are very slim.

Artistic poses

sexy bride

Artisitic boudoir poses are often tight crops. This model has been directed to push her shoulders back for more definition.

Sexy poses

boudoir glamour

The combintaion between arching the back and the leg positions in this picture help to create a 'curvy / slim' shape.

For Your Eyes Only Portraits boudoir photography seen on BBC

Stunning Boudoir Photoshoots at FYEO Portraits

FYEO boudoir photoshoots are for all women. Whatever your age or body shape — and whatever your reason for wanting to do a shoot, we're here for you with our female run private boudoir photoshoot service. Create a unique & personal artistic collection of boudoir photos only here at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

Just one visit to our specialist studio is needed for your boudoir photoshoot. Every studio experience includes:

  • One - to - one with your female photographer
  • You'll be directed in our private studio
  • The boudoir poses you'll be directed into (unique to us) are designed to get the very best out of your body shape
  • The benefits of our poses include — cellulite busting, leg lengthening, slimming, curve creating & skin smoothing.
  • Our studio is really dark so you won't feel self conscious at all, in fact, the whole experience is a massive confidence boost for a bride, we've even appeared in a BBC documentary about body confidence with Alesha Dixon on the BBC!

Boudoir expert Alexandra reading her daily reviews...

Boudoir Photography Expert Alexandra describes her shoots and reads her daily reviews...

Amazing Reviews

“What an amazing experience, made me feel so relaxed, I laughed from start to finish my photographer made me feel so comfortable, I couldn't believe how beautiful the pictures came out! I can't wait to give them as gift on my wedding day xxx”


“Incredible, confidence boosting experience. Alex was down to earth and relaxed, allaying any fears I had. I would highly recommend this experience!”


“Just brilliant, Ive been twice and am waiting to book my couples shoot. Such a feel good factor, both Alex and Claire were amazing, would recommend to everyone xx”


“A huge thank you to Alex, she made sure not only did I have a fun & enjoyable photoshoot but created a beautiful set of tasteful & sexy photos for my Groom! The pictures are unbelievable & I feel so confident of the back of my experience. I'm sure my husband to be will love them as much as I do & I can't wait to see his face when he opens his gift!”

C.W. Surrey

Find your new power with my Invincible Boudoir Photoshoot

I've renamed my best selling boudoir photoshoot 'The Invincible'.

The uplifting, confidence boosting effects of my transforming studio experience have been inspirational.

Women benefit from seeing themselves in my sensational nude or lingerie portraits.

My amazing journey in the studio involves being directed in your own private studio, learning to feel confident naked, and seeing yourself in a new more positive way.

Book now! Call me on 07826 151410 or click the buttoine below to get the prices sent to your inbox. See you on the other side!

The Invincible boudoir photoshoot