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Find your favourite pose in my boudoir photography gallery!

I've got a dozen boudoir photography galleries for you to enjoy.

Themes include:

  • Bridal
  • Body Oil
  • Couples
  • Body Paint
  • Super Raunchy
  • Plus Size
  • 40+
  • And more!

Also just a note to say, the people featured in my boudoir photoshoot galleries are friends, staff and volunteers of For Your Eyes Only Portraits. Your pictures will be kept private.


From zero body confidence to 'incredible ever after' in 3 hours.

We promise to give you a huge confidence boost here at the studio. You'll see yourself in a flattering new light which will make you feel sensational!

We are so confident that you will love your boudoir photography session that we offer a guarantee, love your portraits or we will re–photograph you for free!


get confident with boudoir photography

Watch this 5 minute clip where Alesha Dixon follows to story of Nicola, a bride to be who has a mind changing photoshoot at FYEO Portraits.

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Book your own boudoir photography session at FYEO

Choose from our range of boudoir photography packages. Each photoshoot comes with our solid privacy guarantee.

Buy your shoot online or call the studio on 01494 881881. Flexible payments plans are available including monthly payment plans.
All our photoshoots take place in our luxury studio and every photographer at FYEO is female.
Buy a boudoir photoshoot today and start planning one of the best days out you've ever had!
Gift vouchers are available. Call 07826 151410 or email hello@fyeo.me.uk for a chat with Alexandra.
what to wear for boudoir photography

What to wear in your FYEO photoshoot...

Whatever your style you're very welcome here at FYEO Portraits. Wear as much or as little as you want, however, most clients prefer a mix of lingerie and nude portraits.

Popular accessories seen in the studio include; stockings, heels, bridal lingerie, black lingerie, fetish lingerie, swimwear, body jewellery, nipple tassles and more!
Find out what to wear ( or what not to wear) by visiting our what to wear for boudoir photography page.


inside the FYEO boudoir photography bridal studio

Your own private studio...

My secret boudoir photography studio is located in a little village in the UK  called Lane End.

When you're being photographed it's just you and your female boudoir photographer in the room, so it's nice and private.

The FYEO Portraits studio is a professional photographic studio with skin smoothing lighting, props and platforms to create flattering shapes with your body.

Our private and comfortable studio has seen over 20,000 women photographed naked since 2002 and has even appeared on the BBC!


Find out how to get into the poses... it's easy!

Hello! I’m Alexandra, FYEO is my studio. I want to help you feel amazing about your body. Whether you are creating a wedding gift, having a photoshoot as a confidence boost, or buying a photoshoot gift voucher for someone special in your life, my professional boudoir studio is the place for you.

You can shop for a boudoir photography gift voucher here on the website or visit the photography galleries.


how to pose for boudoir photography
bridal wedding boudoir grooms gift photoshoot boudoir photography style

A wedding gift for your Groom

Create a stunning boudoir photography wedding gift!

Capture your pre-wedding body with a collection of beautiful, tasteful nude or wedding lingerie boudoir photos that you can cherish for a lifetime. Check out my Wedding Gift packages & give your groom butterflies with your delicious boudoir wedding gift.

Leave your gift for him to find the night before the wedding with a note - 'Meet me at the altar!'

For Your Eyes Only Portraits boudoir photography seen on BBC

Boudoir Photography Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers make fabulous Christmas, Birthday, Valentine, and Wedding Gifts.  Here’s how it works... Choose a boudoir photo shoot package from the FYEO Shop.  You can choose to buy a boudoir photoshoot package with the digital images, a gift box with photographic prints, and album, or a V.I.P. luxury boudoir photoshoot.

Here’s whats included as standard with all of our boudoir photoshoot packages...

  • You get your own private studio,
  • It’s just you and your female photographer in the room
  • Your photographer is an expert at boudoir photography
  • You get directed the whole way through your shoot
  • You get to wear your own lingerie or have nude portraits
  • You're lit by studio lighting which is flattering and skin smoothing
  • Privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed, your pictures won’t be used on our website

What to wear for a boudoir photoshoot

Bring your favourite lingerie from home to wear in your boudoir photoshoot, oh, and also bring heels and jewellery too. Your female photographer will style you in your own outfits throughout your boudoir photoshoot. You'll also have the opportunity to have nude portraits in total privacy. For a more arty look, water and oil looks great.

FYEO boudoir photography poses have been tried and trusted by over 20,000 women since 2002, they’re designed by me to be MEGA flattering and make you look super sexy and gorgeous, confident and dynamic! The FYEO Boudoir studio has a really cool lighting rig which is set up especially for skin smoothing, slimming and curve creating effects. The FYEO Boudoir Platform is designed to get the very best shapes out of your body shape, it’s really cool. The BBC loved it so much they did a feature on The One Show!

Check out our BOUDOIR GALLERIES or give the FYEO Boudoir Girls a call to find out more about booking one of our arty shoots. There’s one waiting here for you with your name on it… book your boudoir photoshoot now. Click here to view our boudoir photoshoot prices.

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