the boudoir galleries
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The FYEO Boudoir Galleries

The FYEO Boudoir Galleries have over 2000 images.

Some boudoir galleries are FREE, some you need to be a member to view.

The galleries feature staff, friends, and people who've contributed their portraits to inspire you! Private clients are always PRIVATE.



Choose from :  Boudoir Bride | Couples | Curvy | 40+ | Bodypaint | Fitness | Lingerie | Nude | Maternity |  Body Oil | Classic FYEO |


The Boudoir Galleries feature my best selling poses!

what to wear for your boudoir wedding gift creating session

The Bridal Gallery

Featuring bridal themed nudes and boudoir.


For Your Eyes Only

Featuring FYEO classic poses.


The Plus Size Gallery

Featuring curvy ladies rocking it.


The 40+ Gallery

Fabulous at 40, 50 or any age!

emma sayle killing kittens

Killing Kittens

Featuring Killing Kittens Owner Emma


Biker Shoot

Featuring Julie with her Ducati.

FYEO Members Only Boudoir Galleries

fyeo members only

Become a member of FYEO to view all the boudoir galleries

For £5 per month you can join the FYEO Membership which gives you:

  • Access to the full range of FYEO galleries.
  • V.I.P. priority booking.
  • Member discounts on photoshoots.
couple boudoir photoshoot

The Couples Gallery

Featuring boudoir for couples.


The Fitness Gallery

Featuring toned bodies and sporty themes.

for your eyes only style photos

The Art Nude Gallery

Featuring boobies!


The Lingerie Gallery

Featuring colour shots celebrating lingerie.


The White Hot Gallery

Featuring nudes in white backgrounds.


The Maternity Gallery

Featuring women at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Fionas boudoir shoot in colour


See Fiona's sensational shoot!



Sheridan's location shoot.

for your eyes only


FYEO studio owner Alexandra's shoot

sexy bridal shoot

The Raunchy Gallery

Featuring nude photography.


The Body Paint Gallery

Featuring nudes with artistic paint effects.


The Body Oil Gallery

Featuring wet look and oiled nudes.

Sexy birthday boudoir photoshoot at FYEO Portraits


Ruth's sexy photoshoot



coming soon

women having photoshoots over 40

Jo Kate and Stef

coming soon

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fyeo members only
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Prices and packages

You can buy a shoot with digital images, prints, an album, or just a few digital images.

You can secure your shoot with a £200 deposit and pay in flexible monthly instalments.

If you would like to chat to a photographer, please call the studio line on 07826 151410, alternatively email [email protected].

buy a London boudoir photography photoshoot

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Email: [email protected]

Phone Boudoir Photographer Alexandra

Inside the UK: 07826 151410
Outside the UK: 0044 1494 881 881

“Hello! I’m here to help you with any questions you may have about my amazing body-sculpting, skin smoothing boudoir photo shoot experience. Please fill out the form opposite and I will respond when I am at my desk. Talk to you soon…”

Alexandra Vince

About The Boudoir Galleries

To visit the boudoir galleries there is a small fee. Simply click the button, make payment and you'll have access to the UK's largest collection of nude photography and boudoir portraits.

There are 12 galleries to view and each gallery has a wide variety of portraits. The list of boudoir and nude photography galleries includes:

  • Bridal Boudoir
  • 40+
  • Body Oil
  • Sporty Boudoir
  • Plus Size Boudoir
  • Lingerie Boudoir
  • White Gallery
  • Maternity
  • Sexy Boudoir
  • Body Paint Boudoir
  • Couples

The boudoir photography galleries feature friends and staff of the FYEO Girls, or clients who have kindly donated their portraits. We never use private client images in any of our marketing unless a client has kindly donated their boudoir images.


Nude Photography

In Alexandra's words - "The FYEO Boudoir Galleries feature nude photography, lingerie photography and artstic boudoir and bridal boudoir photography. Think we look like models? We‘re not! We‘ve all got different body shapes and sizes including pear, boy and apple, with dress sizes from a 6 to a curvy 20.

It's important to mention this because I'm very aware that when looking at the women in our boudoir galleries one can feel a sense of awe or even a twang of jealousy.

I want to let you know that you are individually beautiful and deserve to see your body in a loving way, exactly like you see in our boudoir / nude photography galleries. Your connection with your body is an important part of self worth, self love. However you feel about your body, I can guarantee (from experience) a boudoir photoshoot at FYEO will give you a new way of seeing and appreciating yourself.

In my view, the art of nude portraiture is to capture the body in a light which eludes to character and beauty and eminates a feminine energy. The studio lighting here at FYEO boudoir photography is designed to dance with the body, energising it.

I really hope that you enjoy my nude photography and boudoir galleries, I hope they inspire you to book your own boudoir photoshoot here at FYEO portraits."