What is a boudoir bride photoshoot?                                                               Bridal Boudoir Photography and Wedding Photos in the UK

A boudoir bride photoshoot is a collection of photos as a wedding gift for the groom, which starts out as a luxury studio experience for the bride. At our famous professional UK studio at Lane End, UK, our team will treat you to the ultimate VIP experience, designed to make you feel beautiful, confident and sexy exactly the way you are.

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bridal boudoir photography by FYEO
inside the FYEO boudoir photography bridal studio
bridal boudoir photography uk studio in the UK

At FYEO we work with our brides in a very private setting, the studio...

Fear not... creating a comfortable environment for nervous brides2be is our speciality here at FYEO. Everything we do from your arrival to saying goodbye is done in a
down-to-earth fun and friendly way.
  • Inside your own private studio, the lighting is low and moody
  • It’s nice and private
  • Direction into boudoir poses is given and your female photographer will show you how to get into each pose, before you try it.
boudoir bride gift box

Which wedding gift should I buy?

  • Gift box after your bridal boudoir photoshoot you'll get to view your final edit, selecting your top shots for your boudoir wedding photo Gift Box. Choose the sequence for your gift box - the luxury satin photographs are 9x6 inches in size. Find more information here...Click for more information here...

  • Digital collection your bridal boudoir pictures will be beautifully airbrushed to your taste and sent securely to you via a Dropbox link.

  • Luxury leather album presented in a gift box - after your shoot, choose your favourite shots to go in the album. Luxury satin photographs are 9x6 inches in size.

Do I need to worry about my body shape

Relax into the shape you’re born with and enjoy the body sculpting techniques we use in bridal boudoir photography. Lighting and poses will be expertly used to make the most of the beautiful body shape you have.


  • No need to diet
  • You'll be put into flattering poses
  • Be you
  • Read Reeny's story about body confidence

Our bridal boudoir photography experience has been widely recognised as a confidence boosting experience for a bride, as it changes the way she sees herself for the better – This is especially important at the start of married life.

bridal boudoir studio

A studio experience for brides!

To get the best results from a bridal boudoir photoshoot at FYEO here’s the pro kit we use:

  • Body-sculpting platform
  • Props to help you lift and shape you
  • Beyonce style wind tunnel
  • High spec Nikon camera
  • Bowens studio lighting

Press Reviews


"FOR YOUR EYES ONLY® offers ordinary women a taste of the glamorous photo shoot and photoshop world. The process really boosts confidence."


Alesha Dixon


"Really Lovely to watch" Boosting confidence in women with boudoir photography.

Gok Wan

Boudoir photoshoot review by Adil Ray for radio 4

"I'm following the stories of three women who are having a confidence boosting body photoshoot at FYEO Portraits."

Adil Ray

Boudoir Bride feature on CBS

"Brides are capturing their bodies from when love was new by having a photoshoot wearing their wedding lingerie"

Lara Spencer

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boudoir photography uk for all women

All female crew & total privacy

It's women only here at FYEO and that includes the airburshers, and makeup artist, as well as the photographers.

When you're being photographed, it's just you and your photographer in the room, so it's nice and private.

Your pictures are not used in any marketing material and will not appear on our website.

Some clients have kindly donated thier images and photoshoot story to inspire other women, this is an opportunity you can take at your choice.

How to create your bridal boudoir pictures at FYEO

  • You'll need your wedding lingerie, heels and jewellery to accessorise your shoot. Visit what to wear.
  • Visit the FYEO Studio around 6 weeks before your wedding to book your boudoir bride session.
  • Have your hair and make-up ready,  & don't forget nails and body hair removal you want.
  • You'll be given your own private studio at FYEO.
  • Follow the direction from your female photographer!
  • Choose your favourite pictures.
  • These get airbrushed and sent to you!

Save the date

Contact the FYEO Girls to check availability for your wedding deadline. Peak times require a longer lead time. You can shop for your boudoir wedding gift by clicking here.

Your boudoir photoshoot will take place in our private female run studio in Lane End Village in Buckinghamshire, only 30 minutes from central London in th UK.

You'll be photographed by one of the FYEO Girls, Gemma, Alex, or Claire. Whilst you're being photographed, it's just you and your photographer in the room, so it's nice and private for you.

You'll be shown how to pose the whole way through your session, even your toes get directed! Visit our boudoir poses page.

Bring your favourite lingerie, heels, jewellery, and any other favourite accessories you want to bring from home. No judgement here!

See our what to bring page.

Choose FYEO because we know how to DIRECT you into the most flattering poses for your body shape.

Choose FYEO because of our beautiful skin smoothing lighting.

Choose FYEO for the one-to-one private studio experience with guaranteed confidentiality.

Choose FYEO because we've bee tried and TRUSTED by over 20,000 women since 2002 and have thousands of 5* reviews.

Choose FYEO because our portrait studio experience has been designed by women for women.

Choose FYEO for our private studio experience.

Choose FYEO for our beautiful photographs as seen on TV. View our Boudoir Galleries by clicking here.

Shop links are available via the newsletter, please register to receive a comprehensive price list. For availability message Alexandra on 07826 151410.

Imagine this...

So let’s say you’re wearing you wedding lingerie, heels and jewellery and you’re  in your own private studio with your female photographer. You’ve unpacked your bags and all your accessories are laid out for your photographer to see  You’ll then take a few steps onto the FYEO body-sculpting platform and lay down on it,  ready to take the first instructions from your female photographer. The studio lighting is arranged around you.
As you lay down on the body-siuclptng platform you’ll be shown EXACTLY how to pose and asked to follow the step by step directions from your photographer. Its actually a bit like yoga - meets twister!
You really don’t need to worry about a thing except for following those instructions.

How to prepare for a boudoir bride photoshoot session

To get ready for a boudoir bride photoshoot you'll need to think about preparing; body hair, nails, outfits, hairstyle and skin exfoliation. Here’s why…

A boudoir bride photo session is your moment to shine, exactly as you want to be seen.

Whatever your preferred body hair routine is, you’ll need to fix before your shoot. And whether you prefer to go natural with your nails or wear a splash of colour that too done. You can thrill your groom by wearing different outifts than he's used to seeing you in, this includes your wedding lingerie and accessories. With your hair, be yourself and go for a new haristyle before  visitng the studio. And finally exfoliating your skin for a few weeks before a shoot can help with any dry skin on the day of your shoot.

All of this is just a guide really, there's no rules here!

The Boudoir Brides Club™

I'm super excited about you joining my Boudoir Bride Club Membership!

It includes:

  • Your Boudoir Bride Photoshoot
  • Your secret Wedding Album
  • Digital images
  • Makeup makeover
  • Preparation Guide


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What do Brides say about the FYEO Girls?

The FYEO Girls have photographed over 20,000 brides of all ages and sizes since 2002 and have thousands of fabulous reviews!

“What an amazing experience, made me feel so relaxed, I laughed from start to finish my photographer made me feel so comfortable, I couldn't believe how beautiful the pictures came out! I can't wait to give them as gift on my wedding day xxx”


“Incredible, confidence boosting experience. Alex was down to earth and relaxed, allaying any fears I had. I would highly recommend this experience!”


“Just brilliant, Ive been twice and am waiting to book my couples shoot. Such a feel good factor, both Alex and Claire were amazing, would recommend to everyone xx”


“A huge thank you to Alex, she made sure not only did I have a fun & enjoyable photoshoot but created a beautiful set of tasteful & sexy photos for my Groom! The pictures are unbelievable & I feel so confident of the back of my experience. I'm sure my husband to be will love them as much as I do & I can't wait to see his face when he opens his gift!”

C.W. Surrey

What can I say? Alex is such a lovely lady who made me feel really relaxed and at ease doing something very out of my comfort zone! I was genuinely stunned by my photos, I never thought I could look like I did! Amazing experience and I'd highly recommend her. x



The phrase boudoir bride was coined because it is boudoir photography, with a wedding theme.

The theme relates to what the bride wears during her photoshoot: her wedding accessories, veil, tiara, wedding shoes, and lingerie  - and  also because of the timing of it... it is done at a time when a woman is preparing to be a bride — normally within 4 months of getting married. 
How a boudoir bride photo shoot works:
a Bride 2 be will visit the studio to be photographed wearing her wedding lingerie or go nude in order to create a very private and surprise wedding gift for her groom. The pictures are sensual, artistic and flattering, with moody lighting and erotic poses. At FYEO a bride is directed into all these poses she need knot know them herself.
The gift of a boudoir photo collection is an alternative to traditional wedding gifts for grooms such as cufflinks or a watch. It’s a lovely thing to do for two reasons:
  1. It marks the way you are at the beginning of your life.
  2. The groom gets a gift which is more sexual in nature and more closely linked to the love and physical closeness of you as a couple.
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