The Birthday Boudoir Photoshoot

Celebrate your milestone birthday with a photoshoot!

A Birthday Photoshoot is a fabulous way to celebrate your 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday — or any age! Our oldest client was 86 and she loved her pictures.

This gallery is collection of portraits of women who have kindly donated their photographs to inspire you. Go for it, book your birthday photoshoot at FYEO today!

Our studio lighting and flattering poses guarantee to make you look and feel FABULOUS.

40th birthday boudoir shoot for 40 plus boudoir

Kate, 45

Self love and self care come from a place of calm and peace. Sometimes when we've been through difficult times it can take its toll on our bodies. Part of the recovery and 'moving on' is reconnection, not just with your body but with the world around us.


Kate lost 8 stone as part of her journey. Her spirit and energy are a tribute to her character and beautiful personality.


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What type of photos do I get at FYEO Portraits boudoir gift
boudoir photos of me for my husband
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Planning your shoot

  • Visit the FYEO Studio around 6 weeks before you want your final pictures back.
  • Have your hair and make-up ready,  & don't forget to do your nails and do any hair removal you like.
  • You'll be given your own private studio at FYEO.
  • Follow the posing direction from your female photographer.
  • Choose your favourite pictures.
  • These get airbrushed and sent to you!

Here's how to prepare for your birthday photoshoot

What to wear in your shoot

Most of my ladies bring a few sets of undies and their bestest collection of shoes... nearly all of them end up going nude and having a naked photoshoot!
How about you?
What will you wear?

what to wear for boudoir photography
Your Privacy at FYEO Portraits

Your own private studio...

The FYEO studio includes:

  • The FYEO professional lighting rig
  • The FYEO boudoir platform
  • Black out space (private)
  • Nikon camera
  • Wind tunnel
  • Silk chifffons and fabric

Where to stay

If you're travelling to the FYEO Portraits studio from a distance, I highly recommend that you stay at the 4* Compleat Angler Hotel and enjoy a gorgeous riverside location in the pretty town of Marlow.

Marlow on Thames is just a few minutes drive away from the FYEO Portrait Studio.

Marlow High Street boasts a host of pubs, restaurants, shops and boutiques, it's gorgeous!

Only one visit to the studio is needed to create your luxury boudoir album. A studio session starts at 11am and finishes at 3pm.

stay at the complete angler for your photoshoot
For Your Eyes Only Portraits boudoir photography seen on BBC

Reconnect with your femininity with a photoshoot day out!

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The Invincible Boudoir Photoshoot


£1,000.00 or buy today for £800

  • 20 high resolution digital images
  • Full direction and styling by your female photographer
  • Airbrushing included
  • Your own private studio space
The Invincible boudoir photoshoot
Boudoir Photography Gift Experience Boudoir Photoshoot

Become a member of FYEO

For £5 per month you can join the FYEO Membership which gives you:


  • Access to the full portfolio of FYEO galleries
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