147 Boudoir Poses For You To Try!

Flirty poses

Photo of a woman wearing pink lingerie for her glamour photoshoot

Everything this model is doing has been directed by her female photographer. From the position of her legs to the way she is holding her hands.

Curve creating poses

lingerie photoshoot

Lifting and arching through the torso and lower back helps to create more curves, even if you are very slim.

Artistic poses

sexy bride

Artisitic boudoir poses are often tight crops. This model has been directed to push her shoulders back for more definition.

Sexy poses

boudoir glamour

The combintaion between arching the back and the leg positions in this picture help to create a 'curvy / slim' shape.

Meet Alexandra Vince...

alex boudoir photography expertposes

Hello I'm photographer Alexandra Vince.


FYEO Portraits is my little studio.


Back in 2000 I began my passion for helping women to grow in body confidence. It took 2 years for me to perfect, and today these are my

Signature Poses.


My guided poses are guaranteed to flatter your unique body shape.

Professional equipment

professional photographic equipment

Find out about my professional boudoir studio equipment!


The body sculpting platform

the body sculpting platform

Find out about the body sculpting platform that we use at FYEO.

The secret to great boudoir poses is all in the detail. Every small movement makes a huge difference.

Watch this 60 second video about my boudoir poses...

My 'yoga-meets twister' poses will shape your body!

the bridge boudoir pose
the bridge boudoir poses drawing

When you’re being photographed in your own private FYEO studio you’ll be shown how to get into each pose by your female photographer.

At FYEO there are detailed instructions for every pose... why don't you try it!

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