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40th birthday boudoir photoshoot

40th Birthday Gift Experience at FYEO Portraits

Hi I'm Alexandra, FYEO Portraits is my studio for women. I believe that one of my photoshoots makes the perfect 40th birthday gift experience.

Whether your're buying a photoshoot for yourself, or as a 40th birthday gift for someone you love, a day out at the FYEO studio is an awesome experience for any woman.


40TH birthday gift boudoir shoot
40th birthday boudoir shoot for 40 plus boudoir
40th birthday boudoir
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Book a 15 minute call so I can get to know you better...

The FYEO studio gets booked quickly so to ensure your desired date is available, please book a call now to speak to Alexandra, or just for a chat.

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40th Birthday Gift Ideas

You can buy a photoshoot for yourself or as a gift for someone. Photoshoot Packges include:


  • Digital Collection - A photoshoot with high res airbrushed digital images from your photographers edit.
  • Album Package - A photoshoot with  your favourite prints in a leather album and digital images from your photographers edit.
  • Gift Box Package - A photoshoot with your favourite prints loose in the FYEO Gift ox and digital images from your photographers edit.
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Being 40 is something to celebrate!

A massive part of my business is photographing women in their forties - or just as they turn 40. Witnessing the mental transformation women go through after a shoot in the studio is the reason why my job is so fullfilling.

Turning 40 most women have gone through some major changes, not just in their relationships, but more signifacntly the way their body changes.

Whether you are embracing the changes of aging - or fighting them, I'd love to help you to celebrate your 40th birthday with a bang! A boudoir photoshoot here at FYEO is a place for you to feel comfortable enough to have a nude portrait that say... " I feel fabulous at 40".

There's no judgement here. We see every woman as beautiful, we see all shapes, sizes and age, 40 being our most popular.

Book My Invincible Digital Package!

This awesome package includes:

  • Your own private studio
  • You'll be one to one in the studio with your female photogapher
  • Full direction into flattering poses from your female photographer and our privacy guarantee.
  • 20 beautiful portraits of you as high res (airbrushed) digital files
  • An invinvcible confidence boost

What to wear in your FYEO photoshoot...

Most clients arrive with a travel size suitcase of lingerie, heels jewellery and other accessories.

Like Helen, she brought her Husband's white shirt to her photoshoot and poses wearing it with nothing else!
You could bring a 3-5 sets of lingerie, and include black, bright colour or pastel, whatever you like!
40th birthday celebration
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Your own private studio...

When you're being photographed, you're in your own private boudoir studio here at For Your Eyes Only. There are no spectators so you'll feel very comfortable here.


There's an area for you to get undressed and lay out your outfits. You'll be shown what to do every step of the way, so please don;t worry about knowing what to do.


The studio is black inside with low lighting, meaning it's less scary stripping off. The studio is not that big and you won;t feel as if you're on stage, You'll feel that you're in a warm safe space with just you and your female photographer in the room.

Press Reviews


"FOR YOUR EYES ONLY® offers ordinary women a taste of the glamorous photo shoot and photoshop world. The process really boosts confidence."


Alesha Dixon


"Really Lovely to watch" Boosting confidence in women with boudoir photography.

Gok Wan

Boudoir photoshoot review by Adil Ray for radio 4

"I'm following the stories of three women who are having a confidence boosting body photoshoot at FYEO Portraits."

Adil Ray

Boudoir Bride feature on CBS

"Brides are capturing their bodies from when love was new by having a photoshoot wearing their wedding lingerie"

Lara Spencer

Some clients bring bondage accessories, others bring sporty accessories, whatever your style you're VERY welcome at FYEO.

40th Birthday Gift Experience

"Thank you Alex! I can't believe how natural I felt... it all just happened! No need to feel nervous at all. I fidt thought about doing this 15 years ago but never did. Now in my 40's and my husband's impending 50th birthday it was the perfect time. A fantastic present for both of us.

I absolutely love the pictures and can't wait for my husband to see them, he will be so surprised!" Suzanne xxx
50th birthday gift

Boudoir expert Alexandra reading her daily reviews...

Boudoir Photography Expert Alexandra describes her shoots and reads her daily reviews...

I cannot wait to do another FYEO Portraits photoshoot
40th birthday photoshoot at FYEO
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