About For Your Eyes Only Boudoir Photography

As seen on the BBC

Watch this 4 minute boudoir photograhy video which folows the story of 28 year old teachers assistant Nicola who has battled with her body image for years but want to create present for her fiance on her wedding day.

Alesha Dixon came to film at the FYEO studio for a feature about womens body confidence and the effect of the images we see in magazines on women for the BBC.

In the video you'll see a shoot in action inside the FYEO studio in Buckinghamshire and meet boudoir photography expert Alexandra Vince and her female team of retouchers and makeup artists.

Press Reviews


"FOR YOUR EYES ONLY® offers ordinary women a taste of the glamorous photo shoot and photoshop world. The process really boosts confidence."


Alesha Dixon


"Really Lovely to watch" Boosting confidence in women with boudoir photography.

Gok Wan

Boudoir photoshoot review by Adil Ray for radio 4

"I'm following the stories of three women who are having a confidence boosting body photoshoot at FYEO Portraits."

Adil Ray

Boudoir Bride feature on CBS

"Brides are capturing their bodies from when love was new by having a photoshoot wearing their wedding lingerie"

Lara Spencer

Best Boudoir Photographer in the UK!

"What can I say? Alex is such a lovely lady who made me feel really relaxed and at ease doing something very out of my comfort zone! I was genuinely stunned by my photos, I never thought I could look like I did! Amazing experience, she's the best boudoir photographer in the UK. I'd highly recommend her."

T.R. - NORTH MOLTON 15/03/2020

I came up with the name FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS sitting at the kitchen table with my friend Sally...

The concept came to me after a visit to the National Portrait Gallery in London to see a Mario Testino exhibition. His artistic boudoir photographs were mostly of models and A-listers in various states of undress. The pictures were arty, flattering and sexy. It inspired me. I thought - why can’t all women have pictures like that!  My idea was to offer a private boudoir photography studio experience with a female photographer and be the best boudoir photographer in the UK. The portraits commissioned would be incredibly sexy and flattering, empowering, confidence boosting and classy.

I did it and called it FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS!!

About Alexandra Vince

Alexandra is a British photographer and the owner of FYEO Boudoir Photography. Alexandra's philosophy is that we all deserve to see ourselves as rock star beautiful and that we deserve to realise our individual beauty with lovely photographs to treasure for years to come.

A pioneer of feminine portraiture for women, Alexandra has been featured for her boudoir photography on the BBC, both on T.V. and Radio, including appearances on prime time T.V. with British celebrities Alesha Dixon and Gok Wan. Her work has inspired a generation of photographers both in the UK and abroad. Press coverage includes BBC, Reuters News, The Telegraph Newspaper, The Daily Mail Newspaper, The Sun Newspaper, The Harley Street News, CBS Paramount, The Mail, Wedding TV to name a few.

We're Known For Our Private Service

In Alexandra's words... "Privacy is a number 1 priority for us, and over the years we’ve shot many a celebrity or celebrity’s partner and that aspect of our work has never ceased, I am so proud that the team and I are the go-to for their boudoir shoot. Not just for a professional photoshoot for Hello (as an example!), but also for their own private experience. I have always been really sensitive to the way women might feel inside my professional boudoir studio, and I’m aware of how daunting it might feel for them. So right from the outset I created a studio space just for women and one in which even the most shy person could relax. I think it worked as the success of this style has been a classic hit and copied by many.


The girls and I at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS have photographed over 20,000 women to date. Clients have travelled from New York, Paris, London, Moscow, Sydney, Madrid, Hong Kong, Singapore – you get it, we are internationally acclaimed – simply to receive our AMAZING boudoir photography experience. It really is a legacy I am exceptionally proud of. Women are celebrating their 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays (it's fabulous how age is just a number and doesn’t stop anyone from booking in!)"

Our Skin Smoothing Lighting...

The team and I ensure that our FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS studios are warm and dark with our professional boudoir studio lighting. This set up simply cannot be duplicated in a hotel room or bedroom with normal lighting, which is why the experience we offer to our wonderful array of clients is TOTALLY different. Just have a glance at our image gallery to gain an insight into how we can transform a shy bride into a model. Mobile phones just don’t hit the spot!

The professional boudoir lights are rigged up on the ceiling of our blacked out studio; the lights are directed in a flattering way to enhance the beauty, smooth the skin and bring out the senses. It took me 2 years to perfect the look! Now the poses and studio lighting are the signature of our brand, which I am so proud of… FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS. They work for EVERY body. Our style is timeless - we like to keep our backgrounds simple so the focus is on the woman being photographed. Bodies are beautiful; there should be as little fuss around the body as possible. You won’t be able to date any of the portraits in our boudoir gallery but some of them were shot back in 2002!

Beautiful studio lighting

Photo of a woman wearing pink lingerie for her glamour photoshoot

Every pose is full directed to get the best out of your body shape!

Flattering studio lighting

lingerie photoshoot

Age-defing, time resistant poses of you in beautiful flattering studio lighting.

Creative lighting

bridal photo

Skin smoothing creative lighting for beautiful nude photography.

Artistic poses

boudoir and nude photography

We promise to get the absolute best out of your body shape and make you look and feel sensational!

Bridal Boudoir Photography? Oh Yes!

Our wedding gift boudoir package has always been wonderful experience for Brides to Be. It is such a special time in lovers’ lives and we are privileged to have met so many Brides creating a wedding gift for their enchanted Groom.

Our bridal boudoir portraits make a perfect wedding gift: classic, timeless, sensual and boudoir photography.

Whatever your reason for booking a boudoir shoot, you’re very welcome here at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS. Whatever your style - whether you want artistic nude, body paint, bridal boudoir, curvy boudoir, erotic boudoir, we’re here for you. Alexandra will give you a fun and life changing experience – offering you gorgeous boudoir photos.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions about booking your session. The easiest way to get in touch is by calling 01494 881881 or ping over an email to hello@fyeo.me.uk.

Picture showing a lady being photographed at FYEO Boudoir Photography

All female crew & total privacy

One-to-one with your own female photographer, your boudoir photo shoot will take place in our comfy specialist private 'Black Out Studio' which is designed for your comfort and privacy, it's a space where even the most shy person can feel at ease.

Alexandra works alongside her all female team of make-up artists, retouchers and printers.


Private Client Reviews...

I decided to do a boudoir shoot for my fiance as a present for the morning of our wedding... WOW. Alex was amazing and made me feel really relaxed. We talked through the type of photos I wanted and which poses to use and the photos turned out STUNNING!!! I couldn't believe it was me in the photos and actually made me a bit emotional!! I can't wait for my husband to be to see the finished photos! Now to decide which one to have blown up and displayed over the bed! Thank you Alex! xx C.E.

I have been walking on air since having a personal, professional photoshoot with the amazing Alex at her marvellous studio on Monday!!

I still look at my photographs in awe because I don't believe that they are of me! This is a truly fantastic, thrilling experience and I would recommend it to any women!

I wanted to do something special and a bit different and I am SO glad I chose this. The photographs are a surprise for my husband for our 1 year wedding anniversary but in general they are definitely also a gift to myself :)!

The reviews from other women really do prepare you for what to expect when you book a photoshoot with Alex. I found the entire process to be easy and secure. What I appreciated most of all was the way that Alex really listened to me and was understanding of what I wanted.

Alex, thank you for being so relaxed and easy going, you made me feel instantly at ease and I really appreciate the way you brought me out of my comfort zone because I am so pleased with the results!! S.G

Alex made me feel really comfortable and at ease throughout. I was amazed at the photos and couldn't believe it was me! Thank you Alex for a great experience! A.J.

“What an amazing experience, made me feel so relaxed, I laughed from start to finish my photographer made me feel so comfortable, I couldn't believe how beautiful the pictures came out! I can't wait to give them as gift on my wedding day xxx” C.B.

“Incredible, confidence boosting experience. Alex was down to earth and relaxed, allaying any fears I had. I would highly recommend this experience!” N.M.

“Just brilliant, I've been twice and can't wait to book again. Such a feel good factor, both Alex and Claire were amazing, would recommend to everyone xx” R.S.

“A huge thank you to Alex, she made sure not only did I have a fun & enjoyable photoshoot but created a beautiful set of tasteful & sexy photos for my Groom! The pictures are unbelievable & I feel so confident of the back of my experience. I'm sure my husband to be will love them as much as I do & I can't wait to see his face when he opens his gift!” C.W.

"I decided to do a boudoir shoot for my fiance as a present for the morning of our wedding... WOW. Alex was amazing and made me feel really relaxed. We talked through the type of photos I wanted and which poses to use and the photos turned out STUNNING!!! I couldn't believe it was me in the photos and actually made me a bit emotional!! I can't wait for my husband to be to see the finished photos! Now to decide which one to have blown up and displayed over the bed! Thank you Alex! xx" C.E.

"I had a pregnancy shoot with Alex which was fantastic. She made me feel very relaxed and the results are amazing. To follow up I've just been back for some photos with my baby girl, now she's born. She has captured he beautifully, so pleased. Thank you Alex" F.K.H.

"Such an amazing day and a wonderful atmosphere! Can't recommend this studio enough for exceptional photographs and an incredible confidence boost! Having Alex to guide me through the whole shoot was very comforting and the results had me absolutely stunned, I didn't know I could look like that! The photos were tasteful yet sexy and I will cherish them forever. If you can, please have this experience, you owe it to yourself!" J.A.

"Alex was so lovely and friendly, I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel good about their body, feel empowered and, most importantly, feel safe while celebrating their very best self. I was totally overwhelmed when I saw the beautiful and artistic photographs she took of me. I know my boyfriend will be just as surprised and hopefully just as delighted! I will be back again for future moments in our lives. X" F.L.

"I booked a photo shoot in late August with Alex, just for myself, to boost my self confidence. It was a really great experience and I cannot praise Alex enough for her fantastic approach which really allowed me to feel so relaxed during the session. She was very friendly, easy to chat to and really made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. The photos are just stunning, I am so so happy with them and now have one as a large canvas above my bed, which looks fabulous! Thank you so much Alex, you're a star!" M.N.

"I would like to thank Alex for making the experience so much fun! I was so nervous about doing this shoot but she made me feel so relaxed. Her poses are choreographed and the lighting adapted to each pose, making the photographs so artistic. When I saw the images I was utterly shocked, I felt so incredible and cant wait for my hubby to be to see his grooms gift box. I would highly recommend Alex!" S.J.

"I went to see Alex to create a very personal, very special wedding gift for my husband. I didn't really know what I expected to be honest, what I got was a very warm welcome, a great professional atmosphere and an environment that made me feel at ease for what was about to happen.

The results were simply stunning. I found it very to choose between all those amazing photos, but put together a good collection for my husband. I left the package in his room the night before the wedding.

Thank you again to the amazing Alex, who not only understands the art of photography but also to make women feel like they're her best friend and it's the most natural thing to be walking around half naked in her studio!!" J.B.

"I purchased The Groom Gift Box Photoshoot to give my then Husband To Be as a wedding gift.

He loved it, so much so, we are getting one of the images printed onto a large canvas for our bedroom wall. However, it was the shoot itself that was just incredible - what a confidence boost!

Even if the images hadn't been good it was worth it for that confidence boost, however, I got the images back and couldn't believe how good she had made me look, it was hard to choose the best - Alex knows what works! EVERY WOMEN SHOULD HAVE THIS DONE!!!!" L.H.S

"I had my shoot today, something I wanted to do for myself as I have been through a lot, both personally and with my health so I treated myself. I had the best time, and loved everything about the shoot. Alex is so warm and lovely, and got me into positions I didn’t know I could do. The photos are amazing & beautiful and I’m so happy with the ones I chose. Thankyou Alex, it was a pleasure to meet you, & I will definitely be back. I would encourage anyone one to try this. It makes you feel sexy and confident. So many beautiful photos to choose from, and I came out feeling on cloud nine. Bev xx" B.H.

"I can not recommend Alex enough! The entire experience was just wonderful. She made me feel totally at ease, gave me such great direction and the end result was a set of stunning images. I’ve never looked or felt sexier!" R.T.

"I treated myself to a photoshoot to celebrate my 50th and i had the best day! Alex made me feel so comfortable and i just cant believe how she managed to translate exactly what i was looking for into pictures!
Thank you so much 😊" N.C.

"Amazing! Just had my shoot, I can't believe the beautiful shots Alexandra managed to take. I had a hard time choosing just a few and I'll be going back in a couple of years for my 40th to get some more!

If this is something you're thinking about then go for it!" S.C.

"I had a shoot done for my husband to be and presented the photos to him on the morning of the wedding, they were stunning and he was extremely pleased with them! Alex made me feel very comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! Would highly recommend this for anyone thinking of doing something like this!" H.P. 

"I had my photoshoot with Alex a year after giving birth and was still feeling a bit unsure about my body. I have recently transitioned to 40+ age group and thought this would be my last opportunity to get myself in front of the camera and celebrate what I have. Alex made me feel very comfortable, she has a great personality and we had a bit of a laugh. When I saw my pictures without any photoshop straight after the shoot, I couldn’t believe it was me. The poses she put me in, the lighting and background create an absolute magic. Thank you Alex, I hope to be back in 9 years for my 50th!!!" A.B.

"Alex is amazing, she made me feel so comfortable and look incredible! You should absolutely do this. Best thing I've ever done for myself! x" Y.D.K.

Why choose FYEO Boudoir Photography day?

  • The FYEO® Studio Guarantee — you'll be one to one with a female boudoir photographer in a private studio, you'll be fully directed into beautiful photographic poses which are guaranteed to flatter your body.

  • Our promise of confidentiality is guaranteed by our all female team — your pictures are airbrushed exclusively by the FYEO® Girls.

  • The FYEO® boudoir studio experience offers you a unique body sculpting boudoir photo shoot, only available from the trademarked FYEO® studios. Each studio features the FYEO® body sculpting platform, professional boudoir lighting and glamorous wind tunnel for your hair.

Our Guarantee

At FYEO Boudoir we'll get the very best out of your body shape, we promise. You won't believe how amazing you'll look. That's guaranteed, or we'll shoot you again.

See You soon.
The FYEO® Boudoir Girls

Here's how it works...

No matter what your size or body shape, the FYEO Girls know all the techniques to create the beautiful shapes and smooth lines that have become the hallmark of our famous boudoir photographs.

 Our specialist skin smoothing lighting and body-sculpting techniques are guaranteed to flatter your body and give you loads of body confidence…

You'll be really comfortable at FYEO. Your photos will be taken by a professional female photographer in your own private studio where you'll be fully directed the whole time.