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What is Boudoir Photography

What is boudoir photography? What is boudoir photography? It's a photoshoot commissioned by a private individual who wants pictures of themself either naked or wearing underwear. It's stepping outside your comfort zone for a confidence boost. It's something you would do as a private gift for a lover. It's erotic, sexy, arty and exciting! Please email me with ANY questions you might 🙂 [email protected] "Boudoir Photography is a style of portraiture designed to flatter your body" Alexandra in her own words... "For me it's a style of photography which offers a complimentary and very therapeutic confidence boost. I love the
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Portraits to help women

How I help women Alexandra Vince, FYEO Founder When I first launched For Your Eyes Only Portraits® my mission was to help women to find a more positive way of seeing themselves. As a female photographer I could relate to feelings of 'I’m not enough’ and wanted to make a difference to women's self image using everything I knew about studio lighting and photographic poses.   It has taken me 20 years to perfect my uplifting studio experience and I’d love to share how I do it with you.   Read on to find out more and if you have
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