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About Boudoir Photographer Alexandra Vince

I am a photographer, business woman and artist who pioneered boudoir photography in the UK, photographing over 20,000 women and generating sales close to 10 million pounds over two decades.

My difference is in the artistic style of my photographic portraits- and the unique studio experience I give women. The style of photographic portraiture I can create has the ability to change minds by helping women see a fresh perspective of themselves and reconnect with their feminine side. 

The secret of my success is in the flattering power poses and boudoir studio lighting techniques I use. I started developing my artistic style during a fine art photography degree in Manchester back in the 90’s. 

A Day In The Life Of Leading Boudoir Photographer Alexandra Vince

Today Boudoir Photographer Alexandra is photographing Katie, 50.

Katie is having a naked photoshoot with me, boudoir photographer Alexandra Vince, to celebrate her milestone birthday. I’m looking forward to meeting her and finding out more about her motivation for doing the shoot.



9 am I arrive at the For Your Eyes Only Portraits Studio. There’s lots to do before Katie arrives;  

1./ I crank up the heating to a balmy 23° - I want the studio to be warm and cosy for Katie

2./ I get my Nikon camera and lenses ready and prepare an SD card

3./  I give the studio deep clean

4./ check the lighting equipment and batteries for the Pulsar radio controls

5./ set up an energising playlist on my Sonos and 

6./ prepare the props for today’s shoot. I’ve selected 6 props for Katie; 

1./ black silk chiffon

2./ an antique chair

3./ my boudoir posing platform

4./ a burlesque feather fan

5./ some white sheets and 

6./ a rope

Katie has added helium balloons with the number 50 as an upgrade to her photoshoot -she added at the checkout when she paid the deposit for her shoot.  The balloons are rose gold in colour. They’re on the makeup table in anticipation of Katie’s arrival. 

11am Katie is arriving at the studio

11 am 

Katie is arriving, she’s pulling up in her car after her 2.5 hour journey to get to me. I feel anxious. Its normal for me to feel like this just before my client arrives.  I think I get anxious because the adrenaline helps me perform better as an artist,  I always want to do the best job I possibly can for all my clients. 

Katie makes her way in to the building with her various bags and boxes of lingerie, heels and accessories. We share a big hug,  I give Katie a warm welcome - we’ve spoken a couple of times over the phone but this is the first time we’ve met. She’s really lovely. 

Katie has bought my ‘Invincible Photoshoot Experience’ which comes with 20 digital pictures for £1000. She booked in with a £200 deposit, the balance of £800 is due later on today. Katie has chosen to pay by Credit card which is fairly normal, people either pay by BACS, PayPal or credit card. Prices range between £595 and £2780, The Invincible Photoshoot for £1000 is my most popular package. 

Clients can choose any one of my themed shoots such as body oil, bridal, fine art nude, or body paint, or go for a personal choice. Katie chose a mixture of fine art nude, lingerie and bondage for her experience.

It's 12 pm 

Katie is now settled into the studio and feels excited. Customers love the studio which is magical and exciting and different from normal rooms because of the decor, which is nearly entirely black - and the lighting, which looks like a film set. The studio layout is an open plan space, a black box around 600 ft.² There’s a high ceiling, high enough for my overhead lighting rig which suspended from the beams of the old school room. The building used to be a Methodist School way back. 

I ask Katie talk more about the motivation for her shoot. She sits on my bubblegum pink French style chair and shares with me the personal and honest feelings she has about her body. She explains that she feels lost, old, disconnected from her sexuality and invisible. I hear this a lot. I am enthused by women just like Katie who are taking positive action to control negative feelings. A photoshoot with me is the perfect tonic.  I can’t wait to help her.  

I’ve seen more and more women discover the value in connecting with their femininity and sexuality as they go through menopause by having a naked photoshoot. The resulting pictures from the shoot become a tangible reminder that they are fabulous and gorgeous just as they are at that time. The unique experience of my power posing experience is mind altering. 

What does Katie want from me as her boudoir photographer?

Like many of my clients, Katie wants photos which will help her to change her outlook as a menopausal woman. She wants to feel seen and valued in her ageing body, not just by her husband, but more importantly by herself. 

Its so warm in the studio that even in December I’m wearing shorts and a T shirt, I’m barefooted. The studio playlist is pumping out high energy dance tunes, the stage is set and ready to give Katie an amazing experience. It’s showtime!

I wrote a creative plan for Katie’s shoot based upon the props I’ve chosen for her and the outfits she has brought with her. I’ll refer to that throughout the shoot. Katie’s outfits are a mix of brightly coloured lingerie, black lacy lingerie, costume jewellery and some fabulous stilettos. Brands range from Honey Birdette, Anne Summers, to Lovehoney and Louboutin. 

Our pre shoot chat includes Katie talking through the outfits she has brought with her to wear and discussing that nervously she also fine art nudes from the shoot. Katie, like many of my clients is  a little nervous about exactly what to expect so I talk through exactly what’s going to happen to put her at ease. 

Katie had her own private studio with her boudoir photographer...

 introduce Katie to my Beyoncé style windtunnel, my boudoir posing platform, the studio lights and how we going to use the space, including how private it is, just us.

inside the FYEO boudoir photography bridal studio

It's 12.30pm

The shoot begins. Katie and I have selected her first outfit which she gets changed into whilst I build the boudoir posing platform for her to lay on. Once she’s changed she watches me as I climb onto the boudoir posing platform to demonstrate the first pose for her, Katie watches me and I explain that she doesn’t need to remember what I’m showing her that I’ll direct her every move. Now it’s Katie‘s turn - she gets onto the boudoir posing platform and I direct her into position.

The first pose is complete Katie gets changed into her next outfit which is a blue bra knickers suspender belt and stockings from Lovehoney, it’s very glamorous! 

I move the studio lights around in preparation for the next shot whilst Katie gets changed. This gives her a bit of space so she doesn’t feel as if she’s being watched while she gets changed.

The first section of the shoot involves three  studio lights, I use ‘Bowens 500 lights’ in the studio. There’s a softbox to light Katie’s face and body, a key light for her body and a light for the backdrop.


Following the first shot of Katie wearing her lingerie, Katie’s next shot is more revealing. Topless, Katie is wearing lace panties and a pair of Louboutin heels.

I show Katie how to get into the pose. Because Katie is topless for the first time in the studio I direct her without the main soft box light on, so she feels less self-conscious in the dark. I direct her then ask her to hold position as I swiftly switch on the light to take the shot. 

Katie is loving the shoot! I knew that she was nervous but she is now fully relaxed with me in the studio space, it’s warm and my Studio playlist toots out funky tunes it’s an eclectic mix; CamelPhat, Adele, Emeli Sandé, Rihanna, Madonna, Tracy Chapman, Destiny’s Child, Billie Eilish, Stormzy, Kaiser Chiefs, Billy Clyro, and even some Duran Duran. I congratulate Katie telling her the truth which is that she looks amazing and how gorgeous she is she’s doing really well.

Katie chats about her marriage and how despite being really unhappy she is working through her issues and trying new things. This conversation carries on intermittently throughout the shoot and we chitchat the whole way. 

seductress directions

Katie did lots of poses

I take Katie on a fun journey lots of different poses. I call them my power poses! I have witnessed how body and mind are intertwined with the work I do here in the studio. Getting Katie into my power poses; lifting her torso, pushing back her shoulders, lifting her chin, stretching her hands and straightening her legs - has a therapeutic effect on her mind. 

Combined with her ‘this is me naked’ and she feels emancipated from her worries. 90 minutes of this and she’s a new woman!

Katie finishes her journey in the studio with a full length nude. she’s silhouetted holding the rope prop. She looks so strong, comfortable in her own skin and happy.

It's 3pm. "It's a wrap!"

Katie feels amazing!

Katie is beaming with pride. She enthuses how much she loved the experience. She tells me that she felt relaxed and thanks me. 

Katie packs her travel case with her lingerie, heels and jewellery. I make her a cup of tea before we go through what happens next.

Katie writes a note for me in my guest book and leaves studio without full of energy! I showed her a couple of pictures on the back of the camera during the shoot but she leaves on a high despite not seeing the finished pictures from her shoot, this is the impact of the power poses and the ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’ journey.

4 pm I download my SD card onto the computer and set off for a break. Some days I go outdoor swimming at the local Lido, but not today. 

alex boudoir photography expertposes
boudoir photographer Alexandra Vince from For Your Eyes Only

It's 5pm. Editing time!

I start editing Katie’s pictures. I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge for this process. There around 150 pictures from Katie’s Shoot, I select around 40 pictures to edit for her final selection. Editing the pictures is about three things; 

1./ One black and white versus colour

2./ Contrast and saturation 

3./ Skin tones and texture.

The final 40 pictures are ready for Katie to view I’ll send her a code to get her logged in to a private gallery. Which I have created for her. 

I file Katie‘s pictures safely and look forward to seeing her choices over the next few days. Katie needs to choose 20 high res airbrushed digital images which come with the Invincible Photoshoot Experience which she bought.

It's 7pm. My work as a boudoir photographer for the day is complete.

M I sign off by filming myself reading out the note Katie left for me in my guest book for Instagram and Facebook.  

I feel energised by my day in the studio with Katie and set off home to cook supper with my husband. Every day is different in the studio - creative, emotional, empowering, full of support and love. 

boudoir photographer Alexandra Vince Jumping for joy!

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