For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only Portraits® was the first ever studio to uniquely specialise in boudoir photoshoots for women.

Established in 2002, For Your Eyes Only Portraits have now photographed over 20,000 women who are not models.

We are experts at creating sexy flattering portraits for women over 30.

For Your Eyes Only  is the original boudoir studio and has featured on the BBC both in the UK and internationally for it's pioneering approach to photographing women.

boudoir photography by Alexandra Vince at FYEO

Here's some of our fabulous work...

Anyone can do it!

40th birthday boudoir shoot for 40 plus boudoir
boudoir photography for women

Beautiful studio lighting

Photo of a woman wearing pink lingerie for her glamour photoshoot

Every pose is full directed to get the best out of your body shape!

Flattering studio lighting

lingerie photoshoot

Age-defing, time resistant poses of you in beautiful flattering studio lighting.

Creative lighting

What type of photos do I get at FYEO Portraits boudoir gift

Skin smoothing creative lighting for beautiful nude photography.

Artistic poses

variety of styles boudoir

We promise to get the absolute best out of your body shape and make you look and feel sensational!

Our customers are women of all shapes and ages

flattering boudoir pose 50TH BIRTHDAY GIFT

For Your Eyes Only Portraits®

"I remember feeling nervous and very self conscious about the way my body looked. I was hesitating booking the photoshoot so I picked up the phone and spoke to Alex. She sounded so friendly and reassured me that I’d be guided into poses that felt right for me and were flattering for my body type. I still wasn’t quite happy with the way my body looked at the time so I scheduled the photoshoot in a month’s time and used it as the perfect incentive to train.

On the day of the photoshoot, Alex put me at ease with a chat over a warm cup of tea about what I wanted to get out of the shoot, which outfits I wanted to wear and felt confident in, which look I had in mind etc. She then set up some flattering lighting and guided me into the right poses for me. Throughout the shoot I felt that Alex was taking care of me, making sure that that I felt comfortable and in control.

When I saw the photos I was amazed and didn’t believe that beautiful woman was me! It gave me such a confidence boost and it goes without saying that my husband adored the photos too! The best thing is that I still find myself looking at my photos both on a good day and on days when I might be having the blues. I look at the images and I say to myself ‘yes that woman is you and you look amazing!’ Thank you Alex for an unforgettable, positive experience. I’ve just had my second photoshoot with you and I know that you will have worked your magic again. I can’t wait to have my third one!

Thank you so much Dear Alex"


An unforgettable, positive experience...

phootgraphy training course
FYEO Portraits featuring Gemma
birthday photoshoot menopause photoshoot featuring Karen

For Your Eyes Only Portraits®

Karen had her photoshoot to help her get over a break up and learn to feel more body confident. She said "My shoot was the most empowering thing I've done in my life."


The 2020/21 lockdown has left many women lacking confidence about how they look. Bombarded daily by images on social media of ‘perfect’ bodies, and having spent a lot of time on Zoom and taking selfies over the last six months, it is hardly surprising that many of us have found ourselves obsessed with our ‘flaws’ and feeling less than fabulous about how we look.


A For Your Eyes Only Photoshoot is the perfect escape in the UK for a unique pick me up girls day out.

For Your Eyes Only Portraits®

for your eyes only style photos

For Your Eyes Only Portraits®

for your eyes only studios

For Your Eyes Only Portraits®

for your eyes only photography

The Invincible Boudoir Photoshoot


£1,000.00 2022 Gift Vouchers

  • 20 high resolution digital images
  • Full direction and styling by your female photographer
  • Airbrushing included
  • Your own private studio space
The Invincible boudoir photoshoot