I cannot wait to do another FYEO Portraits photoshoot

Gemma’s FYEO Portraits Photoshoot

One of my treasured clients, Gemma, has offered to share her FYEO Portraits story with you.
This blog exclusive features Gemma's favourite pictures, as well as a write up of her experience here at FYEO Portraits in Buckinghamshire, UK.
I think you’ll agree that she looks absolutely gorgeous! If you've had a shoot and would like to contribute your story, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Gemma, as a thank you for being so brave and sharing, I'd love to offer you another photoshoot on the house! When you're ready to do that, let me know.

I cannot wait to do another FYEO Portraits photoshoot

"The FYEO Portraits photoshoot made me realise how incredible my body is considering I’ve had four children."

FYEO Portraits featuring Gemma
I felt a million pounds at FYEO Portraits
Step out quote from FYEO Portraits
my favourite print from FYEO Portraits
The FYEO Portraits studio was warm
I was nervous at first at FYEO Portraits
Alex at FYEO Portraits was incredible
I was 33 at the time of my FYEO Portraits shoot
The FYEO Portraits Studio
I was 33 at the time of my FYEO Portraits shoot

Gemma's story at FYEO Portraits...

Before we get started, I just wanted to say that I never normally share pictures from private client photoshoots without their express consent so please don’t worry if you’re thinking of having a photoshoot and wondering if your pictures will end up online, they won't.
It’s actually challenging to show you the work I do here in the studio on a daily basis because of my rock solid privacy promise… However, we’re very lucky and privileged that Gemma wants to share her pictures with you today… here’s her FYEO photoshoot story.

"Afterwards, seeing them on camera I just couldn’t believe they were me! It gave me such a huge confidence boost! I can’t wait to do it again."

Take the plunge at FYEO Portraits

Take that plunge!

"I came for a shoot with the lovely and talented photographer Alex at FYEO Portraits. It was something I’d wanted to do for so long and finally, I had the courage to do it."

"The studio was warm and inviting and I felt at complete ease the whole time. Being a mum of four I just felt it was now or never to get body confident and to feel empowered, to love my body and for something to look back on in later life."

"I had my makeup done, chose all different types of lingerie I brought along with me and was directed into all the poses. Afterwards, seeing them on camera I just couldn’t believe they were me! It gave me such a huge confidence boost! I can’t wait to do it again."

Gem. x

"My photoshoot definitely made me have more self worth and put myself a bit higher on my list."

What Gemma wore for her shoot

Gemma chose to bring a few sets of lingerie, black heels and her trench coat!

  • Heels
  • Jewellery
  • Lingerie
  • Coat
  • Stockings

Whatever your style, you'll be very welcome here at FYEO Portraits!

the-FYThe FYEO Portraits poses were amazingEO-poses-were-amazing
"It’s given me a big boost of confidence. People would compliment me, but after coming out of a bad relationship I’d really lost all of it sadly."
inside the FYEO boudoir photography bridal studio

Where is FYEO Portraits?

The FYEO Portraits studio is in a secret location inside an old character property in Lane End Village in the UK.

The studio building dates back to 1908 and was originally a Methodist Church, then later it was turned into a Methodist School until 1979 when it went through a conversion into a photographic studio.

The studio is less than an hour from central London and only 30 minutes from Oxford City. You can find out more about the studio location on the FYEO location and contact page.

Where to stay
  • Stay at the 4* The Crazy Bear Hotel, Beaconsfield
    Old Town, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 1LX
  • Beaconsfield is only a short car journey to the FYEO Portraits studio.
  • The suites at the Crazy Bear Hotel offer a luxurious fantasy experience because every room has a decadent individual design.
  • Only one visit to the studio is needed to create your pictures. A studio session starts at 11am and finishes at 3pm.
Crazy Bear near to FYEO Portraits. Where to stay for your london boudoir photoshoot
Your Privacy at FYEO Portraits

Your Privacy at FYEO Portraits

When you're photopgrahed here at FYEO It's just you and your female photographer in the studio.

Your pictures are airbrushed by the FYEO Girls, That's me Alexandra, Claire and Gemma.

If you have a makeup makeover Sheridan will be with you before your shoot.

After your photoshoot your pictures are deleted from my hard drive and only the pictures you want to keep remain, until they are delivered to you.

You're in sfe hands with us here at FYEO, we have built a reputation on the confidential service we offer all our clients, from Brides to A-Listers, Housewives to Royalty!

For Your Eyes Only Portraits boudoir photography seen on BBC
Buy Your Own FYEO Portraits Photoshoot

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone like Gemma? You'll be in total privacy as you're photographed with me here at FYEO Portraits. My studio is nice and warm and I just know that you'll be comfortable here with me.

Before you decide, let me know if you have any questions - I'll be happy to help you. [email protected].

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