Boudoir to help with low body confidence

Reeny’s advice for helping you if you struggle with low body confidence

Reeny was 26 when she had her naked boudoir photoshoot with me at FYEO. I asked her to share her huge capacity for positive body confidence with me and here’s what she said —
"Being naked is liberating for me. I am proud of my body and what it’s accomplished.”
"As a teen, you are surrounded by pictures of ‘photoshopped’ beauty and are constantly bombarded with imagery of what you should look like. Peer pressure and puberty means an almost constant, comparison between yourself and the hundreds of other teens at school. I was always the one with the smallest boobs in my friendship group, (as I was constantly reminded) and it seemed so important back then for me to have bigger boobs.”
"Ten years later, my body has carried, birthed and fed my child (and several other babies with my seemingly small boobs) and I am so proud of what my body has achieved. I have never been happier with my body.”
"Of course my body has flaws, but I am embracing them. It’s my body and no one else’s.”
I asked Reeny to share her favourite FYEO boudoir photo with me  — she said...
"My favourite picture is one where I am fully nude, with my arms above my head and a smile on my face. It epitomises the freedom and liberty I feel as a naked woman and I look like an absolute goddess.”
"Ordinarily when I see photos of myself, I can easily pick fault with them. Maybe it’s the angle, or the lighting isn’t right or my face looks weird. With these photos, my inhibitions (and my body) were stripped bare, leaving nothing to the imagination but confidence and a smile.”
"This is me in my entirety and I have never been more proud or confident in myself."
"It’s as if someone has captured everything sensual about me. The photos are a perfect representation of what I see. My FYEO Photoshoot was different from others… many photoshoots capture artificiality, they’re heavily edited or altered, but these photos taken by Alexandra captured me exactly as I am."

Reeny's Boudoir Pictures

What advice do you have for coping with low body confidence?

  • Find out where your low body confidence comes from.
  • Have people said nasty or hurtful things about your body in the past? If so, would you ever go to any of these people for advice regarding something important? No? Then why would you accept these comments.
  • Never accept criticism from someone you’d never take advice from.
  • Try new things - things out of your comfort zone, lsuch as a naked photoshoot, It will challenge your views about your body and should make you feel better. I can really recommend it!

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  • Follow the direction from your female photographer!
  • Choose your favourite pictures.
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