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Nadean's boudoir session photography reviews

Plus Size Boudoir Photography

37 Year Old Mum Nadean with FYEO Founder Alexandra

Armed with her Lovehoney faux pvc lingerie, pretty white lace lingerie, killer heels and a fun attitude, Nadean pitched up at the For Your Eyes Only studio for a 'Media Shoot'.

The Media Shoot is a great way to get involved with FYEO - it's an exchange of the copyright of the pictures - I get to try new poses and experiment in the studio in return for a much reduced studio fee. It also comes with my edit as digital images.

Here's Nadean's story...

photoshoot experience

"I cried" Kate

Kate cried with fear before her photoshoot - she so worried about how her body would look.


After her photoshoot, Kate said "I didn't feel like I was naked at all. It was amazing. So relaxing, you so reassuring, and you were so precise in what I had to do."

boudoir with burlesque feathers
boudoir training course

Plus size is normal size to us!

Today on the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS boudoir photography blog, we're talking plus size boudoir photography for women.

Curvy, or plus size just means feminine to us. No matter how you describe your body shape, we think you're gorgeous and want to show you how totally gorgeousliscious you are with some amazing boudoir photos that will make you look and feel gorgeous.

Natalie is a size 22, she said...  "My portraits are gorgeous I'm over the moon!

boudoir review from FYEO insta
plus size boudoir photo shoot
plus size boudoir photoshoot
plus size boudoir shoot
curvy or plus size boudoir photoshoot
plus size boudoir photography
wedding gift at FYEO
plus size boudoir
photos of me for my husband


Now, you may be creating a sexy gift for someone special. Your plus size boudoir photography will celebrate your sensuous curvy figure and make you feel fabulous and confident!

The first thing to always remember when styling plus size boudoir photography is to accentuate the positive. Now I know this isn't the easiest thing of us self-critical humans to do, but we want you to learn to focus on the parts of your body you love the most. It might help you to think about what your partner adores most about you. I am personally a pair shape and as such I have learned to embrace and flaunt my ample sized derriere!!  So encourage every curvy girl out there to celebrate their curves.

The bonus of choosing the appropriate underwear and accentuating your positives; is that you are consequently minimising the areas that perhaps you don’t love as much. (And on that note, we will not discuss this any further). Your plus size boudoir photography session is a “no-self deprecation zone”! You will see yourself in a whole new light, and your inner confidence will shine).


Another thing to focus on when choosing your outfits for a plus size boudoir photography is the FIT of the lingerie. Don’t be concerned about numbers and letters when you’re buying lingerie – I promise to not photograph the size tag! Enhance your curvy shape with lingerie that fits in ALL the right places, but isn’t too snug.

The more outfits and accessories you bring to your FYEO PORTRAITS boudoir photo shoot, the more choices we will have to create a VARIETY of styles and looks. At FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS we suggest 3 to 5 outfits for a plus size boudoir photo shoot, but only bring what makes you feel incredible. Keep things interesting with a variety of colors, fabrics, and shapes.

What's sexy for a plus size boudoir session?

Everyone’s version of sexy is different. Here are some outfit ideas of what to bring to your boudoir photo shoot:

  • Corsets look fantastic on plus size women
    Curves are gorgeous! So embrace yours! If you’re concerned about your tummy, corsets are a fitted yet flattering look that will make anyone feel confident! We love a full corset but do not neglect a fantastic underbust corset that can lead to some gloriously sexy shots in your boudoir photo shoot. Corsets can pull you in - and out to create some sensational shapes in your curvy boudoir photo shoot.
  • Babydolls
    With the goal of showcasing your upper half and detracting from tummy areas, babydolls are the answer. Babydolls tend to be simple and flowy on the bottom half while the bust area is tailored and detailed.
  • Bra and Knickers
    This classic lingerie will work for everyone when fitted and accessorised correctly. It’s all in the details. Lace, chiffon, sheer, and jeweled details make an underwear set stand out from the everyday look. We think that no one can go wrong with a good push-up bra – who doesn't love cleavage right?
  • Short Robe or Wrap
    Best made of lace or silk. Robes and garment wraps have a slimming effect with the deep-V neckline and tied waist. Sheer lace layered over lingerie or nothing, look fabulous draped from your arms and under bums.
  • His Work Clothes
    If your man wears shirt and tie to work, or if he has a work uniform like a policeman, fireman or construction worker, bring it along to your plus size boudoir photography! Try to borrow it without him noticing so that it’s a surprise when he see the photographs! “Hey, that’s my shirt!”It’s all in the details! These tips are for everyone having an FYEO PORTRAITS® boudoir photoshoot
    The FYEO Girls can’t wait to see all the outfits and accessories you bring to your boudoir photo shoot!

To book your plus size boudoir photo shoot click here.

See you soon! Alexandra and the FYEO Girls


Boudoir expert Alexandra reading her daily reviews...

Boudoir Photography Expert Alexandra describes her shoots and reads her daily reviews...

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