Why Boudoir Photography Works For Me

Why boudoir photography works for me, Zoe

The reason why boudoir photography works for me is that it helps me realise that I can still look and feel amazing at any age!

I’m older, wiser, and have baggage that I didn’t have before - but that will never inhibit me.

The first time I met Alex and had a FYEO photoshoot was 20 years ago. I had a wonderful time meeting Alex again and having my photo session.

I wanted to commemorate how much I’d been through over the years. A rare illness almost left me dead at 30 - now I’m a record-breaking athlete at 44. It  was incredibly liberating to be on that shoot 20 years ago, and a hugely positive, cathartic experience stepping back into the studio again - especially comparing the photos and seeing that I can still look amazing at any age.



"I recommend it because it’s an amazing way for women to celebrate their sexuality no matter their age."

why boudoir photography works

I want to show that you can achieve great things at any age

I am absolutely delighted with my photographs. It is extremely empowering celebrating yourself, your body, your power, your femininity in this way. I will definitely be back again and I won't be leaving very long at all this time. I will also be recommending the studio to all my friends. Thank you so much Alex  - your boudoir photography works for me! Xx

Why boudoir photography works so well for my confidence

After an initial boudoir photoshoot with photography studio For Your Eyes Only almost 20 years ago, Zoe wanted to commemorate the progress she’s made in recent years with a second shoot - and recommends the experience to all women across the UK.

I want to keep going every few years!

Why boudoir photography works for me both now and 20 years ago

While working as a lingerie designer, mum of three Zoë Doyle (44) began experiencing extreme chronic fatigue, until her husband began coming home to discover her collapsed on the floor and had to take her to the hospital.
“My husband would come home from work and find me face down on the floor while our son was running around me, but I could never sleep at night. My skin began turning yellow and I kept feeling worse as time went on”.
After being sent for multiple tests to find the root cause of her ailments, a crucial blood test was left on a doctor’s desk for 6 weeks due to a clinical error - during which time Zoë’s health continued to deteriorate until she went into liver failure.

“My blood stopped clotting and I lost the ability to speak coherently because my liver had shut down and the toxins began attacking my brain. I was rushed to hospital and luckily the steroids kicked in before I suffered any permanent damage. I was days away from needing a liver transplant and it was an incredibly frightening time for everyone”.
After making a miracle recovery, Zoë was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis - an extremely rare autoimmune disease thought to affect as little as 10,000 people in the UK.
“To this day doctors have no idea how I ended up with the condition - I have to take immunosuppressants every day. The whole experience made me realise how lucky I was to be alive and unscathed and I felt I needed to prove to myself and the people around me that I could still achieve. I didn’t want to be put into that box of being a chronically ill person”.

Over her career as an athlete, Zoë has broken the UK record for the fastest indoor mile by a woman over 40

Zoe held the award for 8 years - and became a European champion twice, as well as a double world champion in indoor 1,500m and 3,000m races - despite running against athletes half her age.

“I used to feel like I shouldn’t be there - but I reminded myself that I was taking the opportunities that came to me. I want to show that you can achieve great things at any age”.


Armed with a new lease on life, Zoë began running every day as a means of keeping active

Zoe was eventually scouted by a running club and encouraged to pursue a career as an athlete, where she began breaking several domestic and international records.
“I never thought I’d pursue it seriously but I met a runner who asked me to be a triathlon coach and PT at his gym and it all spiralled from there. I went and got a coach and hit the running club circuit, and over a few years I went from winning local races to becoming number 1 in the country for my age. I travelled to South Korea, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Spain and several other countries to compete internationally and became the world champion in 2019”.

why boudoir photography works at my age


Pioneered by Alexandra Vince in 2002, and boosting the confidence of over 20,000 women in the UK, the FYEO photoshoot is designed to help real women celebrate the skin they are in. The FYEO girls are a team of professional photographers specialising in nude and plus size boudoir photography, using the best professional lighting and technology.

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boudoir photography works for me so well

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