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learn boudoir photography training course

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FYEO boudoir business training courses are my new Masterclasses where you'll learn about professional boudoir poses, flattering lighting for the body AS WELL AS business essentials for runnning your own successful boudoir studio.

Learn how to make clients feel relaxed!

Learn the art of composing yourself as a photographer whilst at the same time having compassion for your (probably nervous) model and making the experience as comfortable for her as possible.
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Learn my top selling Bridal Boudoir poses to help Brides create a wedding gift

wedding gift for groom this bride wore her grooms white shirt

Learn the art of bridal boudoir poses, the FYEO® way!

Brides2be are often stuck for a wedding gift idea for their Fiance and want to give photographic portraits as a surprise wedding gift.

Learn how to help a bride2be get into flattering poses so that she can thrill her fiance!


Learn my signature POWER POSES

Learn the signature power poses from the UK's best selling boudoir studio. Many FYEO Portraits clients have said that they felt more body confident from doing the poses, even before they saw their pictures!


Learn how to style and accessorise a client for her shoot

bridal boudoir photography review for FYEO portraits

Learn how to style your model with their own accessories and outfits.

Discover which accessories will be most meaningful and flattering for the client.

Learn how to make the client feel comfortable

Learn how NOT to sexualise the photoshoot. Find out how to break down barriers so that they feel safe enough to strip off in front of you and your camera.

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Learn about flattering studio lighting and the benefits of highlights and shadows

boudoir training course

FYEO Portraits are experts in boudoir studio lighting. You will learn about creating different looks in one studio  - and how to provide variety in your photographers edit.

Learn about makeup for boudoir

Find out how to create e smokey eye makeover and create drama with colour with our boudoir makeup course.
makeover at FYEO Boudoir

Learn how to set up your studio ready for trading

inside the FYEO boudoir photography bridal studio

This includes a kit list, as well as studio props and accessories.

Also included are tips for creating an understated welcome for even the most shy client.

Learn how to create sexy poses

Learn how to get your model into poses which look suoper sexy on camera but in reality are great fun and much more down to earth.

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Learn how to help your model feel more feminine with poses which empgasise and create curves, learn which shapes are best suited for different body shapes.

Learn how to offer great CUSTOMER SERVICE

Learn how to guide your model through the  studio experience from arrival to saying goodbye and give them confidence that their photographs are beautfiul.

cross dresser boudoir photoshoot review

Learn about creating the right studio environment for your clients

boudoir pose training
Small details can make all the difference in the studio. Learn how to welcome your client for the fist time and set her expectations.

Learn how to deal with clients insecurities

Learn how to shift the models focus from the negative aspects that they may see in the body shape - to the positives.

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Learn How to market your studio


Get a unique insight into the FYEO Portraits® brand.

Learn how to sell your pictures AND how to market your studio experience.

FYEO Portraits has generated millions of pounds in sales since 2002 and has photographed over 20,000 women, giving us the edge on our sales and marketing approach in the boudoir industry.

Pre register for my early bird prices, click the link to sign up today!

learn boudoir photography training course

Why choose a course with me?

Over the last 19 years I have trained over 20 boudoir photographers in the art of directing and lighting women who are not models into gorgeous photographs which sell.

I hold valuable knowledge about the customer journey as they go from nervous first time buyer of a boudoir shoot, to a confident advocate of my  studio work.

Register today for my training courses and your benefit from my early bird prices AND be first to know launch dates.