Your own private studio...

My secret boudoir studio is located in a little village in the U.K. called Lane End.

When you're being photographed it's just you and your female boudoir photographer in the room, so it's nice and private.

The FYEO Portraits studio is a professional photographic studio with skin smoothing lighting, props and platforms to create flattering shapes with your body.

Our private and comfortable studio has seen over 20,000 women photographed naked since 2002 and has even appeared on the BBC!


inside the FYEO boudoir photography bridal studio

Naked Photo Shoot at FYEO

The Balance of naked photo shoot to Lingerie Poses, Photographed at the FYEO Boudoir Photography Studio
Ever since I started FYEO back in the early naughties, clients have commissioned a fairly balanced mix of naked photo shoot and nude and lingerie portraits as a photographic gift for a partner . Of the 40 or so different poses created during a luxury boudoir photoshoot session, typically 20 or so poses will be shot in the nude (the client is nude, not the photographer!!). In the final selection of the photo shoot edit, mostly naked portraits are chosen by clients and make their way into their For Your Eyes Only Album.
Naked photo shoot portraits are especially emancipating for a client, who thought she would be wearing her lingerie throughout, but she finds herself confident enough to reveal herself in a tasteful way to the camera in our warm dark, secure studio, alone with her female photographer.

Lighting your body for the naked photo shoot

The enveloping nature of the FYEO dramatic lighting is designed to create shadows in strategic places to give clients more confidence — not only to pose nude, but also to  My feeling is that clients bring lingerie along to the shoot to appease initial nerves, which eventually subside anyway.
We use professional studio lighting to light our clients. We mix up soft boxes with beauty dishes to light the body with soft, flattering light and a smokey key lights.
Most of our poses require just one or two lights, we light to create shadows, which help to to create flattering shapes and artistic boudoir photography sets.
Back lights with black and white boudoir photos are great for creating an even skin tone. Clash lighting is perfect for slimming and full soft box light is great for bleaching the skin to give a high key boudoir look, which also smooths skin.

Body Shots at FYEO

Naked photo shoot is Fine Art at FYEO® 

For me, the difference between nude and lingerie portraits is the same as the difference between the Fine Art Photography of Helmut Newton's work, and the naked photo shoot pictures you'll find in GQ Magazine.
At FYEO we photograph all different shapes and sizes, not just models. A typical client for us is a lady in her 40's. Our skills are making all women look like supermodels! We love it when a client orders a tasteful black and white nude portrait as a huge bedroom wall shot. It's the ultimate art for your boudoir wall.

boudoir body sculpting

Smooth Lines for your Naked Photo Shoot 

On a nude body you can achieve smooth lines compared to a body wrapped in bra and panties, which can dig into the skin and create lumps and bumps, where there shouldn't be. When styling a boudoir client with her favourite lingerie, we look to loosen bra straps and we look for the line of the panty, making sure it's as flattering as possible. Of course, without lingerie, the body has smoother lines and when directing in the studio we can move the body into even more flattering shapes to slim, smooth and mould.

To find out how a boudoir photography session can work for you at FYEO, Give the Girls a call today on 01494 880250 or email See you soon. The Girls. xx