Emma's Wedding Boudoir Shoot

Emma's Wedding Boudoir Shoot

Emma booked in for a 'wedding boudoir shoot'.

Here are the pictures which she agreed to share with you to help me celebrate my 20 years in business as a boudoir photographer —  and to inspire you to book your own wedding boudoir shoot!

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Watch the video

Watch behind the scenes footage and Emma's story. (2 minute watch)

I made him a book with the photos and our vows

I left the book for him to find on the morning of the wedding. His mouth literally dropped.


Safe to say it was a total surprise and the best gift I could give him!


"He is sooo happy with them!"


Thank you Alex


Not all my wedding photos are for sharing!

Whilst the wedding day itself is a family affair, it's important to stay focussed on the intimacy between you as a couple and save some surprises which are not meant for sharing with the rest of the wedding party.

When Emma booked in for her wedding boudoir shoot with me I reassured her that we would only choose a few photographs from the shoot to share online and that the rest would be kept private.

Privacy is a big feature of my studio experience and as such the agreement between Emma and myself as her photographer is a treasured one.

The photos you see published here are the photographs Emma and I agreed to share. xx

Emma did pink body paint

Emma was really brave and tried the body paint in the studio... for this you need to go starkers!


The pink body paint shots haven;t made it to the sharing edit - they are private, but here's a cropped part of a photo so that you can see the effect on the skin... really arty!!

Emma brought her own outfits to wear

I'm a big advocate for your photographs being true to who YOU are so I encourage all my clients to bring outfits and accessories which mean something to them.


Emma brought her favourite scarf, as well as a riding crop and wellies!


During Emma's shoot we talked about her outfits and the look she wanted to achieve, then I guided Emma into the poses with her wearing her outfits.


Here you can see an example of the different looks you can achive. Black and white vs. colour and scarf vs. no scarf.


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