Boudoir photos over 50 with Michelle from Fifty & Fab!

Fifty & Fab blogger Michelle Green booked in for her photoshoot to help celebrate Alexandra's 20th year as a boudoir photographer and to sample the 'Boudoir photos over 50' photoshoot at FYEO!

boudoir photographer Alexandra Vince for the over 50 boudoir shoot
boudoir photos for over 50

Watch this 2 minute clip featuring Fifty & Fab blogger Michelle having a boudoir photo session over 50!

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Boudoir Photography Boudoir Photoshoot

I was honoured that Michelle from Fifty & Fab chose me to help celebrate her 55th birthday.

Michelle and I had so much fun in the studio, although a little nervous when she first arrived, she soon relaxed.  This was Michelle’s second boudoir photoshoot at FYEO and she said although she is 7 years older now, she feels even more confident than ever!
We started off with Michelle wearing her black lace bodysuit and leather jacket, I used my wind tunnel in the studio to blow Michelle’s hair to create drama and directed Michelle into every pose instructing her how to move her body.
We talked about every outfit and created lots of different looks using some of the studio props, like the red feather boa, the vintage red telephone and of course some handcuffs!  Michelle wanted a red theme, as well as lots of black and white and she loved the photos with her white shirt.
Having boudoir photos at 50 is easy at For Your Eyes Only Portraits, it is just you and your female photographer, the studio is completely private and you are given a step by step choreographed experience.
what to bring for boudoir over 50
boudoir over 50 location
boudoir over 50

Boudoir photos over 50 years old? Hell Yeah!!

The great thing about the boudoir photos over 50 years old is that the pictures you’ll have taken of you at FYEO are age defying. Age really is just a number. A photoshoot at 50 plus is a great adventure. You’ll learn to see yourself from a new perspective.

For artistic sexy boudoir photos over 50 you don't have to be a model and you certainly don't need to be 18!

In fact, 50 is the perfect age for a boudoir photoshoot because it's a time when the boost will help you to feel happier about yourself.

You'll feel more connected with your femininity.

You'll feel 'seen' and learn to love your body more as it ages.

Your body is your special vehicle that will look after you for years to come.

50 is a great age for boudoir photos!

Fifty and Fab photos

Michelle, 55

Michelle is a lifestyle blogger for women over 50, she loves to inspire others to embrace midlife, feel and be fabulous!  On her blog, Fifty & Fab, Michelle writes about style, beauty, health, fitness and menopause.



Click here to visit Michelles's blog.

Boudoir photos over 50 with Michelle from Fifty & Fab!

If you're thinking of booking a ‘boudoir photos over 50 shoot’, why not give me a call so that we can talk through the shoot in more detail.

The studio is based in Buckinghamshire, which is between London and Oxford in the UK.

My sessions normally start around lunchtime and last up to three hours

A boudoir photos over 50 photoshoot is a real tonic. Trust me. I'll look after you every step of the way for your boudoir photos at 50 and beyond photoshoot.

I hope to hear from you soon. I can't wait to make YOU feel amazing.

Love Alexandra



boudoir photos for over 50

Bring a white shirt to wear for your shoot

Michelle brought her white shirt to wear for her shoot.

An oversized white shirt looks great with nothing underneath... or with lacy undies under.

During the shoot you'll be directed on how to wear your shirt, just like Michelle was.

Book your own boudoir shoot

If you've been inspired by Michelle why not book your own shoot here at For Your Eyes Only Portraits...

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you're directed into every pose for the over 50 shoot

You'll be directed into every pose just like Michelle

Every step of the FYEO boudoir shoot experience is carefully choreographed to get the best from your own body shape.


Your photographer will demonstrate the poses and guide you into position.


You'll be on the boudoir platform like Michelle is here and also have pictures taken on the chair, and standing.

The FYEO studio is very dark, there's music playing

Michelle made herself at home using the dressing area in my private studio, she was able to hang up her outfits and choose her favourite props, we used red rose petals, red velvet fabric and of course her own gorgeous lingerie as well as the red feather boa.
I think you can see from Michelle’s photos that she really enjoyed her photoshoot at FYEO and the boudoir photos at 50 plus gave her even more body confidence.
In her video she says that the whole experience really did give her a confidence boost and made her feel amazing and this is something she talks more about on her blog, Fifty & Fab.
To read more about Michelle’s experience of a boudoir photoshoot at FYEO you can visit her blog here ...
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fyeo boudoir photoshoot experience

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Book a 15 minute call so I can get to know you better...

The FYEO studio gets booked quickly so to ensure your desired date is available, please book a call now to speak to Alexandra, or just for a chat.