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Oxford Mail FYEO® Review

The Eyes Have It

Glamour firm shows that ‘REAL’ women are sexy!

With her glowing skin and sparkling eyes, it's easy to see why Alexandra Bums would be any photographer's dream. But think again. because this 33-year-old who lives in Stanton-St-John is not a model. Instead she's firmly rooted behind the camera and her work is really going places.

Her company FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® takes photos of women by women. And yes, they're sexy and dabble with nudity, but just mention the word 'pom',  and mum-of two, Alex puts you straight immediatety.

"How can a woman wanting beautiful. sexy portraits to celebrate her femininity in a truly classic and flattering style, be porn?" She demands.

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"People admire sexy fashion shots of celebrities and models in glossy magazines, and that’s not porn! Real women want the same style of sexy portrait from a company like 
FYEO PORTRAITS® and we do it with style.

"We offer something unique: a studio run entirely by women, offering the same cutting edge sexy style of photography previously only available in commercial fashion studios.”

"Porn is explicit, our work is very tasteful." That said. the world has certainly been sitting up and taking notice.

The US prime-time show and several UK magazine spreads have been commissioned. Alex, who aims to open a second studio here and then make her company global, says: "It’s about to take off. But I have to take things one step at a time." She has always specialised in portrait photography but saw a gap in the market in 2001. when she started FYEO@.

As a result women are flocking from all over the country. So what are her customers like?

"The clients who come to the shoots are often very shy and nervous because they are worried they aren't as perfect as the models in magazines.”

"But when they see the pictures, they think 'I am sexy and I can do that and they leave feeling strong because it is hugely empowering. The average size is probably 14 and quite happy with it, so we concentrate on their best features.

"Their ages range between early 20s to late 60s, and the common denominator for at least 80 per cent of them is that they are in loving relationships and are there because they are adored for who they are."

"Their confidence comes from their other halves. But we also see women who have overcome amazing issues and they come here to show how strong and sexy they are, such as women with mastectomies, or who have been in an abusive relationship." So what s the secret of Alex s success?

"Well apart from creating the right environment, women are generally more liberated these days and there has definitely been a movement towards women celebrating their form.

"Also. I think the secret's out about celebrities and models. Everyone knows that even the most beautiful women have their images retouched in magazines." Alex scoffs."And they may be a size 00,  but how many real women are?"

"I am predominantly an image maker but maybe, subliminally, the feminism comes through in my pictures because they are all of strong women in strong poses."

Apparently, a lot of people are impressed, while a minority are disgusted by FYEO®’. What would she say to the latter?

"I would say, don t be shocked! Think how amazing life is and celebrate it. Don t be afraid to accept that you are feminine and sexy. I do feel that I really know my market and although a lot of people are looking to copy what we do. they don t really get it at ail." 
By Katherine MacAlister


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