Photo Shoot Experience

Your FYEO® boudoir photo shoot experience includes—

  • You'll be directed into flattering poses in your own private studio
  • Wearing your own lingerie you'll be photographed in skin smoothing lighting
  • After your photo shoot experience your photographer will airbrush your photos and load them onto your private viewing gallery
  • Choose your favourite FYEO portraits to be presented in For your Eyes Only packaging
  • Your chosen FYEO pictures will be printed by our in-house boudoir print specialist Natalie
  • Your beautifully presented pictures will be sent to you recorded delivery.

Your FYEO® experience is great fun, really liberating and a fab way to create a personal gift.

Alesha Dixon
"Really boosts confidence!"

Shane Ritchie
"My wife's FYEO pics gave me butterflies."

Gok Wan
"Really lovely!"


FYEO®  is a team of brilliant and wonderful women. I carefully selected my photographers not just for their artistic skills, but also for their down to earth and friendly personalities. With boudoir studios in the north and south of England (see our boudoir studio locations on this link) we collectively offer our FYEO experiences to thousands of women. (You can meet the FYEO boudoir photography team here:)

Here at FYEO we specialise in back lit body shots, black and white studio portraits, erotic and tasteful nude boudoir photoshoots for all women. Expert boudoir photographers, The FYEO photo shoot experience is unique… an adrenaline ride where you get to discover your body in a new way. The FYEO studios are friendly places. We make clients feel so at home that they want to come back again and again. And they do, sharing different episodes of their lives with us — and we love to be part of their life stories. View our gorgeous photography galleries on this link:

For us, what we do is not a job, it's our gift to the world and would be honoured to be part of your life story.
Do give us a call on 01494 880250 and have a chat with one of the FYEO Girls today:-)

Studio Owner and Director Alexandra Burns:

"I studied art at the London College of Fashion, and then went on to graduate from a photography degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1995.
I opened the FYEO doors to customers in 2002.

Back in the late 90's I was inspired to set up a luxury portrait studio just for women. A place where women would go to feel comfortable revealing their more private side to the camera. A safe, professional and all female photographic portrait studio. A private space where a woman would be directed into poses - and lit with studio lighting, in the most flattering way whilst wearing very little clothes. I developed my style of portrait to suit the bodies of women of all shapes, sizes and age. I wanted my portraits to be artistic, tasteful, sexy, exciting. I wanted my photos to make women feel amazing, even if they felt that life was getting them down. My gift to the world was to add a little sparkle and magic into the lives of women and to show them some wonderful. I spent years learning about posture, studio lighting and body shapes. Before I even opened the doors to FYEO I had photographed hundreds of women. I am so proud that here today, my boudoir studio idea is still going strong. Today I run the FYEO studios with my team of expert boudoir photographers, make-up artists and airbrushes, making women happy! It's great!

Alexandra Burns FYEO director, boudoir photography

Alexandra Burns, director of FYEO boudoir photography

During my first boudoir shoots over a decade ago, I would photograph every sitter with a different background and found myself fussing and worrying about colour backdrops, furniture, room sets and the like. My attention was diverted away from the person I was photographing, which felt wrong. I then developed a one set studio that never changed. It gave me minimum fuss over the room set and maximum creativity for the sitter. I developed a special 'body sculpting' platform to get all different shapes out a body. I found just the right size soft box studio lights and the perfect lens, so that the customer experience was as relaxed and smooth as possible. I wanted it to be all about the customer. 100%. A typical photo shoot with me now is like an aerobic workout! The direction I give in the studio has been described as artistic precision. As I take each shot, I consider every part of the body, taking care that I have made the most of the person's body shape. During a 90 minute session in the studio, I can get through 30 different poses, offering each person a huge amount of creativity, value and fun!


Alexandra Burns

For Your Eyes Only Studio Director