FYEO® Director Alexandra Burns talks about scars and boudoir photography

Do you have a scar? Perhaps you have more than one? How does it make you feel?

My little girl has a scar on her face because she was born with cleft lip. That means that when she was born she had to have an operation to join her nose and lip together so that she looked normal. The scar is under her nose and on her lip.

I knew that my daughter would be born with cleft lip because it was picked up on my 20 week pregnancy scan. That was 11 years ago.

Throughout the years, I have given strength & courage to my little girl to help her to feel more confident and not to worry about her facial scar. It's been tough though.

I've had some inspirational clients here at FYEO® who have shared scar stories with me and it has really helped me to see things from a different perspective.

I've seen that some people think that a scar defines them, but I'm here to tell you differently.

Let me explain.

One day, my little girl was feeling very low. She said her scar made her look and feel ugly and how she wished that cleft lip hadn't happened to her. Listening to her and hearing the pain in her voice, I wanted to help.  I had a vase of bubblegum colour roses on my kitchen table. I took one stem out of the vase. Unbeknownst to her, as I picked it up, I purposely damaged one of the petals with my nail gauging a great line down the middle of the biggest petal. I asked my little girl if she thought the flower was pretty. "Yes" she said, "lovely." "Can you see that the rose isn't perfect?" I asked. She looked closer at the rose and her eyes lit up. "Oh yes there is a broken petal!"

"Darling, you see the rose as beautiful. You see the whole rose, the stem, the leaves, the shape of the head, the colour and shape of the flower head and its petals. The scarred petal does not take away the beauty of the whole rose and that's just like you," I said. "except that you are even more gorgeous than a rose. When people look at you they see your long legs, your sparkly eyes, the colour of your hair, the shape of your hands, but also because you're a girl, you're so much more than that. They see your pretty face, your sense of style, hear your bubbly voice, feel your amazing energy and your delicious love of life. You are even more beautiful than the rose."

Over the years the FYEO® Girls and I have helped hundreds of women with scars to see 'The Whole Rose'. Our creative portrait sessions focus on the whole you, not the detail of your scar or scars. Your shape, energy, and style are pictured in flattering artistic FYEO Portraits. In fact, most of our clients have scars, whether it's a caesarean, appendix, stretch marks, surgery, or scars from an accident, it's all par for the course here at the studio. We see scars every day.

Scars and Boudoir Photography

Scars and Boudoir Photography

One day, when you have your FYEO® shoot, you can ask us to airbrush out your scar, or keep it in the shots, whatever you're comfortable with. Either way, we'll be sensitive to your needs. During your shoot, you'll be directed into poses by your friendly female photographer. It's just you and her in the room so there's plenty of opportunity to have a private discussion about your needs.

We use professional highlight and shadow lighting techniques to shape and sculpt your body into artistic black and white portraits that you will love. If you want to hide your scar in your portraits, we can do that with the studio lighting, the angle of the poses, in the styling of your outfits / lingerie and finally in the airbrushing.

If you want to have a shoot but are concerned about your scar, do get in touch. We would love to help you to see how amazing you are and give you the photographs you deserve.

Have a great week.

Alexandra Burns,
FYEO® Studio Director

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