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Wedding present for Groom by FYEO Portraits

Woohoo! You're getting Married! We love a good LOVE FEST.

Have you thought about creating a wedding present for Groom yet? Portraits of you looking the most confident and s*xy ever will thrill your groom and give you images of your body to treasure forever!

Visit the FYEO Studio for one day and bring your wedding lingerie to accessorise.

Choose between a Secret Wedding Album, or a Grooms Gift Box with loose photos and leave your present for your Groom to find the night before the wedding with a note -

"Meet me at the altar!"

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present for groom

Your present for groom experience includes...

Have you thought about the present for groom yet? We believe our FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® boudoir photo shoot is the best wedding present you can give your groom. It's the romantic wedding present he has always wanted from you! It's also a fantastic confidence boost for you!

Present For Groom Includes:

  • Your own private photoshoot for your shoot
  • A female photographer who'll direct you every step of the way
  • Total privacy
  • Your favourite images airbrushed
  • Your pictures gift wrapped For Your Eyes Only
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Step by step...


  • Around six weeks before your wedding day, visit the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® boudoir studio to create a collection of stunning personal artistic pictures as a wedding present for your groom. Give your groom his gift the night before your special day with a note — 'meet me at the altar!'
  • Your session in the boudoir photography studio will be a fully directed, one to one photo shoot
  • Your female photographer will style you in your outfits into the most flattering poses you have ever seen
  • Our cellulite busting airbrushing is included in all the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® present for groom packages
  • View your pictures after your shoot and choose which ones go into your final gift
  • Presentation ideas include albums, gift boxed prints and digital files.


Is this for me?

Join over 20,000 brides who have tried and trusted FYEO PORTRAITS®.

Brides love creating a wedding present for groom here in the sanctuary of our female run studio.

The FYEO girls would love to help you to create the perfect bridal boudoir portraits as a wedding present for your groom on the morning of your wedding.

No matter what your size, age or body shape; our all-female team at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® know all the techniques to make you look and feel lie a superstar!

We create the beautiful shapes and smooth lines that have become the hallmark of our famous photographs.

You'll be shown what to do every step of the way- you don;t need to know how to pose or what to wear, just follow the direction from your friendly female photographer.

Watch this 5 minute clip where Alesha Dixon follows to story of Nicola, a bride to be who has a mind changing photoshoot at FYEO Portraits.

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During your present for groom creating photo shoot, you will be fully directed by your personal female photographer every step of the way. She’ll help you every step of the way to make your photoshoot experience easy,  from choosing which outfit to wear, to giving you directions, to editing and choosing your final images.

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