Pregnant Boudoir Photography

If you're pregnant here's a guide to a boudoir photography session

Relax and let your photographer capture the beauty of your pregnancy by directing you into artistic maternity poses in our gorgeous studio lighting. All you need to do is pitch up at the studio for your maternity boudoir photography session and copy the easy to follow directions from your friendly female photographer!

Here's what to bring to your maternity photoshoot:

  • Lingerie
  • Soft fabrics
  • Jewellery
  • Pretty dress
  • Shoes
  • Jacket

How to create your maternity boudoir photographs here at FYEO Portraits

  • Get A Date In The Diary For Your Maternity Pregnancy Boudoir Photoshoot...
    We recommend the you book your session for around 32 weeks of pregnancy. 32 weeks is great because you’re bump is pretty impressive by this stage but you’re still fairly mobile. The shoot itself is a little bit physical, so you need to be fairly comfortable moving round.
  • Check Out Our Maternity Gallery For Inspiration
    You can recreate the looks you see in our galleries when you’re at the studio. Visit this link to view our maternity gallery.
    Take some time to flick through the images in our maternity boudoir photography gallery and choose your favourite poses, save them to Pinterest or screen shot onto your phone to show your photographer on the day of your shoot, she’ll able to recreate any portraits you really like for you. If you’re not sure which poses will suit you best, don’t worry, your photographer can decide for you.
  • Relax, You’re In Safe Hands
    You’ll be carefully directed into flattering poses on our boudoir platform. The platform is inside your own private studio and it’ll just be you and your female photographer in the room.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
    Your portraits will ONLY be seen by the FYEO Girls, we never use your portraits in any marketing material. EVER. Your pictures will be kept on our in house computer until you have ordered the ones you want, then deleted.

Prepare Your Body

Remember you’re gorgeous just as you are, but here are some ideas for you to try if you like.

  • Skin
    For smoother skin, try the body brushing technique — dry body brush your whole body before showering, then apply moisturiser or body oil over your whole body and dry off naturally.
  • Nails
    Your hands will appear in your portraits, so give them some love before your shoot. For black and white portraits, french polish works best.
  • Makeup
    You’ll need stronger than normal make-up for your photoshoot. Smokey eyes works best with our studio lighting. If you haven’t already, you can add on a professional MAC makeover before your photoshoot. Contact the studio to do this.
  • Hair
    Pitch up at the FYEO studio with your hair ready. If your hair is short that means arrive with it pre styled, if your hair is long it means freshly washed and loose without too much product. We’ve got a wind tunnel to blow your hair that’s why we want it without too much product, so we can get more movement from it.


Book The Digital Collection For Your Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot.

Boudoir Photography Expert Alexandra Vince invites you to book her Digital Collection Boudoir Photoshoot. It includes;

  • 20 high resolution Digital images
  • Private studio hire
  • full direction and styling,
  • FYEO® skin smoothing airbrushing,
  • 120 minutes of choreographed poses