How I help women

Alexandra Vince helping women

Alexandra Vince, FYEO Founder

When I first launched For Your Eyes Only Portraits® my mission was to help women to find a more positive way of seeing themselves. As a female photographer I could relate to feelings of 'I’m not enough’ and wanted to make a difference to women's self image using everything I knew about studio lighting and photographic poses.


It has taken me 20 years to perfect my uplifting studio experience and I’d love to share how I do it with you.


Read on to find out more and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by emailing [email protected]

FYEO Portraits is my way to share what I’ve learnt about body confidence.

Which women do I help?

I wanted to encourage women who were in unloving relationships, or who had been abused, or who were on a spiral of negative self talk to realise their huge capacity for self love, without relying on a partner or any outside acceptance for the way they look. It’s not just women in unhealthy relationships that I can help - women in really happy relationships too - some of whom may be getting married or who have been married or in a relationship for many years sometimes simply ‘cannot believe’ the praise and adoration for their body shown by their partner. This can be changed. I promise, I’ve done it - seen it.

My story

At 33 years old I realised that my marriage was over. I had felt invisible for years, lonely. I was lost. I had come to rely on my ex husband's attention as proof of worth but since that love and attention was neither present nor forthcoming I lost myself in a sea of low self worth. Part of my journey to overcome this was to empower myself was by giving other women a chance to feel what I could by taking flattering pictures of them. You can see examples of my portrait work by clicking here. I thought, if I can help others, I can heal and help myself.

I help women to prioritise how they feel about their bodies.

how FYEO helps women

Developing my collection of studio poses for real women has taken me 20 years of research.

My research was about learning about different body shapes and how light can be used to flatter.  An example of this is seen in this picture showing Kelly (who kindly donated this portrait of herself to show you).
Here you see Kelly laying on her side on my studio platform. The light is coming from above and I direct Kelly to get the light in the right position.
Notice the hip-to-shoulder balance, the waist line and the light hitting Kelly’s back in a specific fashion, i.e. not too bright, not too dark, just enough light to pick out the shoulder blades and spine.
All these elements;
  • Hip-to-shoulder-balance
  • Directional lighting from above
  • Firmness of platform enabling body to lay in a straight line and not sink - as you would on a mattress.
  • Postion of head,
  • position of knee
  • Position of hand
  • Hair
  • Finger position
Everything you see here in this picture of Kelly has been carefully thought out and is an example of the amount of attention to detail that results from my years of researching body shapes, light and poses.
boudoir expert Alexandra with her kids

Love the body you're given

As a working Mum with 2 nearly grown up children- one, my daughter born with the facial development issue of cleft lip and palate, and my son born with a pituitary tumour I wanted to make it important to love and appreciate what we are born with.

I would the chance to work with YOU to show you how you can love your body more.

Why not book yourself in for a photoshoot with me here at For Your Eyes Only Portraits, I promise you an uplifting studio experience and guarantee your privacy at all times.

Click the link below to view my photoshoot packages and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via [email protected]




How I help women

“What an amazing experience, made me feel so relaxed, I laughed from start to finish my photographer made me feel so comfortable, I couldn't believe how beautiful the pictures came out! I can't wait to give them as gift on my wedding day xxx”


“Incredible, confidence boosting experience. Alex was down to earth and relaxed, allaying any fears I had. I would highly recommend this experience!”


“Just brilliant, Ive been twice and am waiting to book my couples shoot. Such a feel good factor, both Alex and Claire were amazing, would recommend to everyone xx”


“A huge thank you to Alex, she made sure not only did I have a fun & enjoyable photoshoot but created a beautiful set of tasteful & sexy photos for my Groom! The pictures are unbelievable & I feel so confident of the back of my experience. I'm sure my husband to be will love them as much as I do & I can't wait to see his face when he opens his gift!”

C.W. Surrey

Your boudoir photoshoot will take place in our private female run studio in Lane End Village in Buckinghamshire, only 30 minutes from central London in th UK.

You'll be photographed by one of the FYEO Girls, Gemma, Alex, or Claire. Whilst you're being photographed, it's just you and your photographer in the room, so it's nice and private for you.

You'll be shown how to pose the whole way through your session, even your toes get directed! Visit our boudoir poses page.

Bring your favourite lingerie, heels, jewellery, and any other favourite accessories you want to bring from home. No judgement here!

See our what to bring page.

Choose FYEO because we know how to DIRECT you into the most flattering poses for your body shape.

Choose FYEO because of our beautiful skin smoothing lighting.

Choose FYEO for the one-to-one private studio experience with guaranteed confidentiality.

Choose FYEO because we've bee tried and TRUSTED by over 20,000 women since 2002 and have thousands of 5* reviews.

Choose FYEO because our portrait studio experience has been designed by women for women.

Choose FYEO for our private studio experience.

Choose FYEO for our beautiful photographs as seen on TV. View our Boudoir Galleries by clicking here.

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