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Before and after boudoir photo

Bev Hipkin, Age 53

"I had my boudoir shoot today, something I wanted to do for myself as I have been through a lot, both personally and with my health so I treated myself.


I had the best time, and loved everything about the shoot. Alex is so warm and lovely, and got me into positions I didn’t know I could do. The photos are amazing & beautiful.


Thankyou Alex, it was a pleasure to meet you, & I will definitely be back. I would encourage anyone one to try this. It makes you feel sexy and confident. So many beautiful photos to choose from, and I came out feeling on cloud nine."
Bev xx

Press Reviews


"FOR YOUR EYES ONLY® offers ordinary women a taste of the glamorous photo shoot and photoshop world. The process really boosts confidence."


Alesha Dixon


"Really Lovely to watch" Boosting confidence in women with boudoir photography.

Gok Wan

Boudoir photoshoot review by Adil Ray for radio 4

"I'm following the stories of three women who are having a confidence boosting body photoshoot at FYEO Portraits."

Adil Ray

Boudoir Bride feature on CBS

"Brides are capturing their bodies from when love was new by having a photoshoot wearing their wedding lingerie"

Lara Spencer

Boudoir expert Alexandra reading her daily reviews...

Boudoir Photography Expert Alexandra describes her shoots and reads her daily reviews...

Plus Size Boudoir Photography

Whatever your size, shape age  — basically whatever you look like, don;t be nervous of having a boudoir photography session, especially if you are a plus size.

Gosh I hate using that stupid expression, what is plus size anyway!! We are one size. Human size.

The idea of one of my shoots is to make you see yourself as FABULOUS. GORGEOUS!

Here's the size of it... boudoir photography brings so many benefits, plus it makes an awesome gift for the person who has everything!

A photoshoot at FYEO Portraits is your chance to love your curves and feel more confident in your own skin. Pitch up  at the studio with your gear...

What to wear…

FYEO boudoir photography poses have been tried and trusted by over 20,000 women since 2002, they’re designed by me to be MEGA flattering and make you look super sexy and gorgeous, confident and dynamic! The FYEO Boudoir studio has a really cool lighting rig which is set up especially for skin smoothing, slimming and curve creating effects. The FYEO Boudoir Platform is designed to get the very best shapes out of your body shape, it’s really cool. The BBC loved it so much they did a feature on The One Show!

Bring your favourite lingerie from home to wear in your boudoir photoshoot, oh, and also bring heels and jewellery too. Your female photographer will style you in your own outfits throughout your boudoir photoshoot. You'll also have the opportunity to have nude portraits in total privacy. For a more arty look, water and oil looks great.

Check out our PLUS SIZE BOUDOIR GALLERY or give the FYEO Boudoir Girls a call to find out more about booking one of our awesome arty boudoir photography shoots. There’s one waiting here for you with your name on it… book your boudoir photoshoot now.

Your boudoir photoshoot will take place in our private female run studio in Lane End Village in Buckinghamshire, only 30 minutes from central London in th UK.

You'll be photographed by one of the FYEO Girls, Gemma, Alex, or Claire. Whilst you're being photographed, it's just you and your photographer in the room, so it's nice and private for you.

You'll be shown how to pose the whole way through your session, even your toes get directed! Visit our boudoir poses page.

Bring your favourite lingerie, heels, jewellery, and any other favourite accessories you want to bring from home. No judgement here!

See our what to bring page.

Choose FYEO because we know how to DIRECT you into the most flattering poses for your body shape.

Choose FYEO because of our beautiful skin smoothing lighting.

Choose FYEO for the one-to-one private studio experience with guaranteed confidentiality.

Choose FYEO because we've bee tried and TRUSTED by over 20,000 women since 2002 and have thousands of 5* reviews.

Choose FYEO because our portrait studio experience has been designed by women for women.

Choose FYEO for our private studio experience.

Choose FYEO for our beautiful photographs as seen on TV. View our Boudoir Galleries by clicking here.

Shop links are available via the newsletter, please register to receive a comprehensive price list. For availability message Alexandra on 07826 151410.

Whatever your shape, from petite to plus size...

You'll feel at home in the FYEO Boudoir studio with me.

All my life I wanted to feel loved for the shape I am. I wanted my partner to love my cellulite, my stretch marks, my loose skin. It wasn't until I reached my 30's that it dawned on me that I need to love myself for the way I am.

In my thirties I felt a certain acceptance, I had discovered a new way of seeing myself... here's how I did it.

I decided to focus on how my body felt, not just how it looked. I did this by connecting with my spitiual side, by enjoying excercise, and by talking to myself with daily positive affirmations.

I created my own ritual of body brushing, applying luxury moisturisers, wearing comfrotable quality fabrics like silk, cotton, linen and cashmere.

And finally but not least of all, I had a series of photoshoots at FYEO where I learnt about my body through the lens. I saw it with a more balanced, not so up close view. I realised that I like anyone else have flaws, but I also got to appreciate my curves, the balance in my body shape, the proportions God gave me.

After years of researching my own body i have come to realise that the relationshp I have with my body is a happy one, that i don;t need to rely on the love or view of anyone else. I learned to be grateful. I am grateful for the wonderful things my body can do - I've had a couple of kids and giving life is just so breathtakingly AWESOME, I have a great relationship with my partner, I am able to run and skip dance and cycle, I can do amazing things with my beautiful body.

I have stooped categorising myself into body shape / type. And so should you.

Plus size means Happy PLUS! Petite size means Happy PLUS! EVERY shape is confident PLUS! Love your curves ladies, come and see me and we can chat about it in the studio.

Love Alexandra