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This gallery features staff and friends of Body Portraits who have all kindly contributed their photos to inspire you to have your own curvy photoshoot.

Since first opening our studio doors in 2002 we have been photographing plus size ladies everyday with gorgeous results and very happy customers — in fact, the majority of our clients are plus size! Whatever your shape or size, our studio lighting and classic studio backdrop is designed to make you look hot!We photograph GORGEOUS, curvy ladies who look fabulous, just like you, every day.

We are here to make you feel amazing and look deliciously sexy!!



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How does our style of Body Portrait work for a curvy, fuller figure?

Your boudoir photographer will be treat you to a one to one body sculpting boudoir photography session in your own private back out studio. She'll direct you the whole way. You will be in control of how naked you are in your shoot. Yourv session can be a lingerie photo shoot for a plus size, or a naked photo shoot for the curvier figure. It's up to you. We're about making you feel comfortable and relaxed, there is no pressure to 'perform!' It will be just you and your photographer in the studio together, we have designed the experience to make you feel very comfortable. For some of our clients, their photo shoot is the first time they have been seen naked in front of anyone for a long time.

Your plus size boudoir photo shoot at Body Portraits is a very private experience, here at the studio. (Boudoir Studios in London, Manchester, High Wycombe). Whilst inside our super flattering body sculpting studio, you'll be looked after the whole time by your own personal female photographer (one of the FYEO® Gals). She's an expert at body sculpted curvy boudoir photography and trained in the art of FYEO® body-sculpting boudoir photography. However you describe yourself; plus size, curvy, larger, bigger fuller figure, we guarantee you look more sensational than you think you do.


Our studio has specialist boudoir lighting, meaning that we use soft lighting and skin smoothing lighting to get the very best out of your body shape. We love curves and your photo shoot experience will involve you following yoga-meets-twister style poses. Arching, twisting, bending and lifting your body, following the direction from your personal female photographer. Your female photographer will light your body with moody, skin smoothing mid tones, with key-lines of the body highlighted with our skin smoothing light.

What should I bring?

  • Bring along a corset or basque for synching in the waist and emphasizing your chest. Make sure it is well fitting, even tight, especially across the chest.
  • French knickers are great for creating a sexy, flattering line to show off your bum!
  • Bring stockings and a waspie suspender belt, but not hold ups as hold ups have a tendency to grip the thigh too much.
  • Scarves and floaty fabric for draping across your body. 
  • A pair of high heels and your favourite jewellery

Book your photo shoot today and let the fun begin!

Your Guarantee

We promise to get the very best out of your body shape. You won't believe how amazing you'll look. That's guaranteed, or we'll shoot you again.

See You soon.
The FYEO Girls


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