My First Baby Boudoir Photoshoot Today!

⭐️ Today I had the absolute HONOUR of photographing my treasured client Fiona with her precious newborn Arabella.

Fiona and her husband Paul generously donated these portraits to inspire you. Don’t they look gorgeous!!

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We took the whole shoot very slowly and had frequent breaks for baby Arabella to feed. Newborns sleep a lot and it gave us the perfect opportunity to capture her tiny hands and feet at rest. I used softly lit studio lighting to give the baby a more comfortable setting. I loved capturing mum and baby together with my gorgeous silhouette lighting and also some more brightly lit shots. Baby boudoir is really lovely and works best when baby is less than two weeks old.

The baby boudoir photo shoot was something that I hadn't thought about doing before and I'm so grateful to my client Fiona for thinking of it and booking in!

We decided that Fiona would be draped in fabric rather than wearing lingerie. Some of the best shots we got were of Fiona standing holding baby Arabella and both mum and baby I had fabric around. I said to Fiona whilst I was Arranging the fabric around her how much nicer it is to use fabric rather than clothing for skin to skin mum and baby boudoir photos.

Baby Boudoir Photo Shoot

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