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Maidenhead Advertiser Review

Maidenhead Advertiser - 15th February 2007 'Undressed to Impress'

'Boudoir photography is big in the US and China and now it's a growing trend here. A very apprehensive Kelly Young took herself and a bag of props to FYEO PORTRAITS™ and saw herself as she never has before. She was delighted and her husband, well...
WHAT on earth are you doing?"

"Getting dressed and I don't want you to see any of my wobbly bits” replies the muffled voice of Bridget Jones flailing around under a duvet. And in true Hollywood style Mark Darcy tells her how much he loves her wobbly bits. If the truth be told our fiancés DO love our bodies, bumps and all - it's our view of ourselves that's the problem.

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Being a size 14 (sometimes 16!), I'm not a small girl—? in fact my husband John calls me his 'baby whale'. So when I was asked if I could strip to my underwear for a studio photo shoot you can imagine my reaction. But editor Jane assured me the specialist all–female team at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® would make me look fabulous, and let's face it, that's what every girl wants. In fact, it was that which inspired photographer Alexandra Burns to set up the company back in 2002.

"I'd had a couple of brides, whose weddings I was doing, ask if I could take some more intimate shots for their husbands-to-be”, explained the 33 year–old mother of two. "Then I was at a Mario Testino exhibition and over heard a woman admiring one of his pictures. She said to her friend wouldn't you love to have a picture of yourself like that?. So I gave up wedding photography and threw myself into FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS®.”

Persuaded, I made my way to Lane End Studios with a bag of 'props' I'd sneaked out the house undetected. They included a belt, a man's shirt, a hat (my husband's), sexy underwear, a slip, and some strappy shoes. That was all I could think of, but women can take anything personal to them. One woman posed with tachographs strategically placed on her body for her long distance lorry driver fiancé. I was very nervous. It's hard enough getting my clothes off In front of John let alone a photographer.

But I was soon put at ease as I chatted with Alexandra and Sheridan Stone, my make–up artist for the day. Then I was taken downstairs to a beautiful boudoir–style decorated room complete with lights around a mirror. Sheridan, a make-up artist for six years, explained the make–up had to be quite heavy because of the strong studio lights, so when I looked in the mirror I got a bit of a shock, especially as I don't really wear much day–to–day. But the girls at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® are so lovely that your nerves and reservations completely disappear.

When I was ready for my close–up, Alexandra showed me to an all–black private studio with a brushed chrome platform in the middle. She explained: "I've designed it to be contemporary and also to create the best setting for the shots. "This is in a proper professional studio. It's not just a flash on a camera. It's huge lights and good camera angles to make sure the best light and shadow are used to make you look perfect."

Alexandra took a look at the props and told me exactly what to do. It was just the two of us in the studio and she is so professional that any worries I had about knowing what to do or that I would feel stupid melted away with all the laughs we were having. Because I was told exactly what poses to make and the fact that they didn't feel very sexy, I didn't feel stupid making eyes at the camera or, for some shots, Alexandra! Plus you can reveal as much or as little as you want, so you are in control.

Ninety minutes flew by and it was the best work–out I'd ever had — I even ached the next day. Think pilates with a camera. About four days later my pictures were on–line in a secure gallery for me to view and pick my favourite 10 for a beautiful album. Well, what can I say — wow! I'm so pleased with them, I look better than I ever thought I could!

The whole ethos of FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® is that every woman is a model and the pictures will empower and capture you at your sexiest, most feminine and beautiful. That was certainly the case for me. The trouble is, you will be so pleased with your photos that they won't just be ‘FOR HIS EYES ONLY’ — you'll want to show everyone!

What the husband says:

"Kelly left the house with this great big carrier bag one morning, and what was odd was that some of the stuff belonged to me. My shirt and my hat. I've been living with Kelly long enough to know not to ask. Later I asked how her day had been and she said “good” in a secretive way. It wasn't until a few days later that Kelly asked me to look at some pictures on the computer. Well what can I say? They were just amazing! “The pictures were brilliant and so professional. Kelly looked very glamourous, beautiful and sexy. Plus it's given her so much more confidence in her own body, which I love anyway."
Kelly Young 

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