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Wedding Ideas Photo Shoot

Create a private wedding gift for your groom with your own female photographer:

  • A smokey eye MAC make over
  • 1.5 hour experience 
  • Female photographer
  • Full direction and styling
  • 24 different FYEO poses in the studio
  • Private luxury studio
  • FYEO® skin smoothing airbrushing
  • Your favourite six 5x7" photos in sparkly black gift box embossed 'For Your Eyes Only'

Create a special gift for your Groom with the FYEO Girls!

Buy your photo shoot today and book a date in our diary for around 6 weeks before your wedding. FYEO is a destination, so get ready for an incredible journey...  We promise that you will love your experience your groom will love his special wedding gift. FYEO have two studios, one near London and one in central Manchester. Open Monday to Saturdays.



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