I didn’t set out to feel empowered from having a sexy shoot, but it turned my life around.

I’d heard of boudoir photography sessions and indeed had known of the brand For Your Eyes Only Boudoir too, but never thought it was something for me.  It was a world of beautiful women, stunning bodies and famous faces. Maybe I’d fallen into the trap of believing Tatler and fashion magazines I read would never have someone like me on their covers. I remember reading an article that featured the amazing work of FYEO and just assumed the models were, well, professional models.

How I became my very own boudoir model

But then I happened to meet Alexandra who is the founder of FYEO, and was blown away at her love of life behind the lens, technical photography and empowering women.  At the time just over 10 years ago, I had gone through a nasty divorce, and at the age of 39, found myself feeling at my lowest, looking after 3 children and thinking that was it. My best friend (I thought) had left me and I thought I’d never again feel happy, feel worthy, feel sexy.


I mentioned to my girlfriends about FYEO and explained the fun chat I’d had with the wonderful founder, Alexandra. Next thing I know my friends clubbed together for me to have a photoshoot.  Fear, embarrassed, excited, silly - so many emotions crossed my mind.  Uch, who’d want to look at me, I certainly didn’t.  However, my besties said it would be a laugh and hey, it’s a fun day out spent in a gorgeous, professional studio and I’d feel like a star for the day. Retail therapy was a quick high for my low points, but I needed something more.


You know what?  Not only did Alexandra make me feel like a superstar, I couldn't believe how incredibly clever she was with the studio light rigging. It’s incredible! You have to see the studio to understand what I mean, it’s hard to describe the structure, the essence, the mood and vibe. I learnt so much about her trademark lighting and moves. FYEO Boudoir Photography is all about the skin smoothing techniques for optimal flattery.


The divorce left me feeling ugly, alone and worthless.  More than anything else, what I learned from having the shoot was that I was worth it. My photos showed something in me I didn’t realise I had, inner resolve, sass and fun.  Who knew that a chance encounter in a coffee shop would lead me to recovery from depression and a painful divorce.  The girlfriends didn’t realise what a wonderful present they had gifted me, much more than a stunning photoshoot, they gave me my mojo back.


Jump forward to the present day, and I have met the most gorgeous, hot and kind man. I’ll be 50 next year and we are also getting married. He has already bought me a bridal shoot for early next year and I am SO excited.  Embracing my age, my mind, my body - I’ve never felt so beautiful, it won’t take the photoshoot with Alexandra for me to realise it; this time it’s a gift from my husband to be, who says it’s just really fun and sexy! He’s seen images on the website and on Facebook and has decided where in the house the canvas prints will be.  Won’t see my face, just stunning colours, contours and pure creativity.  Bespoke artwork.


Life is good, my mental health is good, my kids are gorgeous, my ex-husband and I are (believe it or not) great friends now and I’ve never felt so cherished.

Victoria says...

“What you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you.”

Thoughts for special gifts

I’d recommend a boudoir photoshoot or creative body paint shoot with Alexandra and her team. We live in Mayfair, with my go to cafe being the decadent and delicious Peggy Porschen in Belgravia.  Because it’s FYEO’s Bucks’ studio I’m attending, it is really easy to get to, therefore we’re going to make a day of it; visiting friends in Henley-on-Thames (I’ll leave him there!) and then we’re going to have dinner at Hand & Flowers in Marlow.  My fiance is Russian and he loves London, but adores travelling out West down the River Thames so Alexandra’s studio in Lane End, just outside Marlow is perfect!


2020 has been tough for so many, and I think brides and grooms are looking forward to new beginnings in 2021.  If you’re a bride to be, been through a time of grief, have a friend who needs a boost or are at a loss to find a gift for someone you think deserves something special, I’d say book them some time in with Alexandra and her team.  We all deserve to sparkle and shine.


Life is for the taking.

Victoria, London

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