How To Make a Gift For Your Husband

Are you, like every bride I know, struggling to think of a great wedding gift for your husband on that most fantastic of days, your wedding day?

boudoir gift for grooms

Well, let me tell you how to make a gift for your husband!

So I’ll confess I am a little bit biased and think that our pictures are the PERFECT gift for your groom. So why not create beautiful, classical boudoir photography images of his beloved for him to cherish forever? We believe that even after a lifetime spent together (the ups, the downs, the moves, the children) these images will weather the test of time and when your husband looks upon them in 30 years time you will find that a smile will still play across his much loved features.

Having said this, the first thing I would do in creating the perfect wedding gift for my groom would be to browse through our photoshoot option page to see which photoshoot package would suit my needs. Then either book online or pick up the phone and dial 01494 881881 where one of us friendly girls will be waiting to answer any and all of your queries. When you call we will go through the diary and schedule a date and time to suit you.  We do four differnet packages, and can also create a package bespoke to you. We offer flexible finance on our top packages, so you can spread the cost over as many months as you want.  You can choose from our studios in London and Manchester, as well as our Head Office in high Wycombe.

After you've put a date in our diary, the fun begins! Planning! Look through our fabulous galleries for ideas of what to bring but here are a few:

  • your wedding day lingerie
  • honeymoon lingerie
  • veil
  • tiara
  • shoesOh and don’t forget to bring along something of your grooms – maybe sneak his favourite shirt and tie away for the day. He'll not even realise they’ve gone. Then imagine his face when he sees you seductively draped in them in a gorgeous image he can treasure forever.

Our Brides always say that part of the excitement of an FYEO Portraits experience is booking the shoot early with plenty of time to get prepared and indulge in your sexy secret. We take bookings up to 12 months in advance of your wedding date. Organise your groom's gift today and get ready for an adventure you will love and a gift he will adore!


The day of the shoot arrives. You are filled with nervous excitement and butterflies are threatening to take over your stomach. Then you arrive at our studio and are greeted by our friendly staff. With a cup of tea in hand and a talk with your photographer you will feel those butterflies fade away in no time.

On to the studio - where the magic happens! Although you will be creating a fun, romantic and sexy gift for your groom, the experience is all about you the individual and proving that you look more wonderful than you ever thought possible. Regardless of your shape we are famous for our skill and creativity in tailoring our unique style of BODY SCULPTING PHOTOGRAPHY™ to your needs.

At the end of the shoot there will be an opportunity for you relax with a cup of tea (glass of wine) as we provide you with an online gallery for you to enjoy and decide in your own time, perhaps with a glass of wine. If you need help choosing your pictures or upgrading any aspect of your package, your photographer will assist if required as part of the service.

With a little help from FYEO Portraits you can give him the present of a lifetime – YOU!

It's the gift he has always wanted!

See you soon!

FYEO Boudoir Photographer Claire


[email protected]

01494 881881