Debbie came in for a fitness shoot at FYEO®

Debbie has given us advice about how to strengthen your core and eat your way to a flat stomach!

Would you like to have a flat stomach and a slim body for your fitness photo shoot? With a little dedication, determination and professional know how, you really can. The single most important element to achieving a flat stomach is to look at what you are eating. There are so many different diets out there offering the promise of weight loss and health. Its therefore no wonder why people become overwhelmed and confused. I like to advise clients that what we are doing here is changing habits for life in a sustainable way so that the amazing results can be lasting. I endorse eating natural foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits and salads. Cutting down on sugar, wheat and processed foods are a few of the most important changes needed to get dramatic results, as is increasing the amount of protein in the diet.

Strengthening The Core

In this article we are taking a brief look at strengthening the core. Most people think of the core as our stomach muscles. The truth is that the core includes the muscles than run around our truck and pelvis. Core muscles protect the spine, improve balance and stability. A strong core improves posture and a good posture instantly makes a person appear slimmer! There are many exercises to work the core. Anything you perform on an unstable surface works your core, such as using the stability ball, balancing on one leg, doing certain exercises like the plank, v-sits, push ups and some yoga postures. Every personal training session I design includes some element of core work. When you are exercising it is important to engage the muscles in your abdominal area at all times, you can do this by pulling your navel in towards your spine and keeping it there whilst still breathing.

Debbie is a highly sought after trainer with over 10 years experience coaching clients in the areas of fat loss, health and lifestyle. She had a fitness photo shoot to celebrate her shape.

"Health and Fitness has been a lifelong passion of mine and I have dedicated my life to researching and helping others in achieving health, happiness and optimum vitality. Having coached hundreds of people, from emotional eaters, to soldiers and high-profile clients. I have some of the best advice for health enhancing, fat burning and body sculpting that you will likely come across". Debbie has an extensive background in personal training, nutrition, martial arts, Bikram Yoga and Ashtanga yoga.

She has a keen interest in human potential and metaphysics and with her knowledge she can help you to achieve the perfect body. You can achieve dramatic results in as little as 6 weeks. Debbie has developed a profound understanding of the processes involved in helping clients achieve their own body shape goals. Her approach is highly effective and will teach you ways that will serve you in all aspects of your life. Begin transforming your body today with a free initial consultation .

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