Wedding Gift for the Groom

The wedding gift your groom really wants from you... photos of you looking stunning!

No matter what your size or body shape, the FYEO Girls know all the techniques to create the beautiful shapes and smooth lines that have become the hallmark of our famous Bridal Body photographs.

If you can keep a secret, imagine how surprised, proud and thrilled your Groom will be when he realises what you've been up to in creating his private groom's wedding gift. Can a new watch or a pair of cufflinks really compare to your collection of your Bridal Body Portraits?

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What groom's say about their wedding gift

  • "Sarah left her photos for me to find on the morning of our wedding. I must say I was totally blown away with the whole concept of the gift, not only did she look strong and beautiful, a woman who I admired, loved and found incredibly attractive, but I could see the effort she had gone to and the amount of thought she put in to the gift. The sensitive and intimate thought behind the wedding gift left me with tears in my eyes. Now we have been married for a couple of years, we enjoy looking at the photos still." — Daniel G. Enfield.

  • "I couldn't believe she did this for me! Perfect perfect perfect!. As a result of the photos, she now sees herself how I see her every day. Gorgeous. My Girl." — E.H. WIndsor

  • "These were the photos I had always wanted to take of Her ( but couldn't!! )" — J. Endsly

  • "We look at them together all the time" — Jamie Goff

  • "She had pictures taken in my rugby shirt - I wondered where that went!?" — W.T. Edingburgh


Ideas on presenting your groom with his wedding gift...

  • "I left mine in the wardrobe and texted him at midnight the night before the wedding to let him know where to find his gift"
    J.F. Isle of Wight

  • "I left my pictures for him to find when he was alone in our honeymoon suite!!"
     K.S. London

  • "I sent my Groom on a treasure hunt to find his pictures. He loved it!"
    A.Y. Rickmansworth

  • "I gave my groom a card the night before our wedding with private log in details for my FYEO® gallery."
    R.N. Portsmouth

  • "I sent my Groom a box of petals with a note inside. My whole shoot was photos of me in petals."
    M.E. Argyll

  • "I emailed my Groom the password to my gallery on the morning of the wedding to make sure he turned up!"
    S.P. Harrow

  • "I gave my gift to the best man to give it to my groom on our wedding day."
    E.R. Bucks

  • "I wrote in lipstick on the bathroom mirror for my groom to find the night before the wedding… there's a wedding gift for you on my dressing table!!"
    L.T. Manchester

Planning the wedding gift for your groom...



Your wedding gift for the groom promises to give you a unique collection of incredible portraits that flatter your curves and knock his socks off.  
  • Join the clientele of celebrities & stylish brides who are creating artistic body portraits as a very personal wedding gift to the groom.

  • In our luxury studio you'll be directed by a female photographer into a variety of flattering body poses wearing your favourite lingerie and wedding accessories. 

  • Leave your photos for him to find with a note, 'meet me at the altar!'

  • Start planning the wedding gift for your groom today!

  • Buy online or contact the friendly female team to get booked in.

The FYEO Girls


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