The Gift For Groom Photoshoot.

Your gift for groom photoshoot will be one of the most empowering and fun days of your life! Plus, it's the gift he really wants from you!


  1. You don't need to be a model to have a Boudoir Bride photoshoot. At FYEO we believe in celebrating individuality and all women are welcome in the studio.
  2. Before your photoshoot you don't need to lose weight / put weight on, tone up. The shoot is mega flattering and will make you feel like a superstar!
  3. Remember that the Gift for Groom photoshoot is a loving gift that only YOU can create for your Groom. He loves you exactly as you are so don't go changing. Just give him beautiful flattering photos, gift wrapped 'For Your Eyes Only'.
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Watch this 7 minute clip where Alesha Dixon follows to story of Nicola, a bride to be who has a Gift For Groom Photoshoot at FYEO Portraits.

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You'll have your own private space...

inside the FYEO boudoir photography bridal studio

When you're being photographed it's just you and your female boudoir photographer in the room, so it's nice and private.

You'll be told what to do the whole time and you don't need to know how to pose.

There's space for you to change and make yourself at home.


Book Your Own Gift For Groom Day!

How To Plan Your Gift For Groom Photoshoot

  • On the run up to your FYEO® shoot, use extra moisturiser all over your body. Body brushing is great for getting skin extra smooth. Use a body butter to give your skin a super healthy sheen. Have your hair done before the shoot, either a blow dry, or wash at home and make sure your roots are done. Nails look best with a French polish... or go for a colour, whatever works best for your style!
  • When packing your bag for your FYEO®  shoot, make sure you bring your favourite lingerie, wedding lingerie and killer heels! It's also fun to bring something that belongs to your Groom, such as his football shirt, rugby ball, or favourite tie! Click here to see what to bring to your gift for groom photoshoot.
  • Try to have an early night before your shoot, you'll need lots of energy for our yoga - meets twister style body-sculpting photo shoot! We can airbrush the fine skin around your eyes if you have had a bad night before the shoot, so don't worry too much about looking 'perfect'!!
  • Once you arrive at the studio, we'll help to build up your confidence even more by talking through your experience with you. We'll show you around your own private black out studio, so you feel at home straight away! If you are by yourself, relax and have fun. Be confident in the fact that you have come this far and that we really know our stuff about flattering boudoir photography! We photograph Brides every day and have over ten years experience of helping brides just like you to creat a stunning collection of photos as a gift for your groom. We are the authority on boudoir photography in the UK, so you're in safe hands with us.

How To Book A Gift For Groom Photoshoot

Brides to be are booking up to a year in advance for their Gift For Groom Photoshoots. With only one shoot a day here at the studio, advance booking is essential.

  1. Choose a photoshoot package and put a deposit down to secure the current price.
  2. Call / text 07826 151410 or email to find a date.
  3. Choose a date for your photoshoot around 6 weeks before your wedding date.
  4. Plan your outifts - you need around 3/4 sets of lingerie, including your wedding lingerie, heels and jewellery.
  5. Have your hair done and nails.
  6. Plan your body hair removal.
  7. Arrive at the studio with your bag of outfits.
  8. Follow the direction by your female photographer into our mega flattering bridal boudoir poses.
  9. Choose your favourite pictures for your album or Groom Gift Box.


We'll build your confidence 100% in our shape sensation studio, so don't worry about not being confident enough to have a shoot, in fact we find that it's the brides who have the lowest body confidence who benefit most from the FYEO experience. We guarantee to give you MORE body confidence with your gift for groom boudoir photography, whether you are petite or plus size.

The Gift For Groom Photoshoot.

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For Your Eyes Only Portraits boudoir photography seen on BBC