FYEO Photoshoot

  I'm photographer Alexandra at FYEO portraits and I would love to help you to purchase the totally amazing FYEO Photoshoot Experience.

FYEO Photographer Alexandra

FYEO Photographer Alexandra

A bit about us:

FYEO Portraits have been exclusively photographing women in our private female run studios since 2002. We have had thousands of rave reviews and celebrity clients, TV and radio appearances. Here’s the link to our reviews page if you’d like to take a look?

We have two specialist studio locations where private clients are photographed one-to- one  by one of our expert friendly female photographers. We have two bases -  one near High Wycombe and one in Manchester. The FYEO studio in Central Manchester operates on select dates throughout the year, a bit like going on tour! We take bookings for the Manchester studio up to a year in advance, so its a good idea to get the studio date in the diary as soon as you can.

The shoot price is 99.00 per hour, you can buy the FYEO Photoshoot on our website, or with me over the phone, whichever your prefer, this is the link to buy online, or you can call me on 01494 881881 and I can help you over the phone. You can buy images after your shoot, or pre order them. The price for pictures averages out at 49.00 per picture. The more images you buy the cheaper they are.
I hope that helps your FYEO Photoshoot enquiry a little? Do you have any questions for me? Email me at [email protected]
Kindest regards
01494 881881
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