FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® silver screen debut! 'The Wedding Video'
August 17th 2012

In recognition as the difinitive birthplace of 'Boudoir Photography' pioneering photographer Alexandra Burns of FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS®  was thrilled when director of the classic british comedy film 'Calendar Girls' Nigel Cole, asked us to appear in his brilliant new movie 'The Wedding Video' Staring Rufus Hound, Lucy Punch, Robert Webb.

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Filming took place in a luxury hotel near Windsor where cast and crew pitched up to film a hilarious storyline based around a wedding faire. We don't want to give anything away about the storyline, so go and see it for yourself! It's brilliant!!!

We had great fun filming our piece… FYEO® studio director Alexandra Burns only had to repeat her lines a few times! LOL

We're proud that our longstanding reputation in the wedding industry for creating world class bridal portraits has finally reached the big screen!


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