About us


We are the FYEO Girls. An all female team of professional photographers, make-up artists and digital retouchers, specialising in body photography for women of all ages.

Our Mission

The FYEO Girls mission is to make you feel absolutely fantastic about the way you look, whatever your size or body shape, and to help you to create a unique and personal photo gift wherever you are in the world.

Founder and director Alexandra Vince opened the first female run photographic portrait studio for women in the UK.

Her vision was a sanctuary where women were given a delicious confidence boost, through the power of her photographic portraits.

Her unique experience involved a full body workout in her 'body sculpting' studio, where she would direct the sitter into different flattering shapes, then light her with her artistic studio lights. 

Alexandra's studio technique was tried & tested on hundreds of women of all different shapes, ages and sizes. The results were exhilarating, for customers as well as for the female photographers whom she later recruited. The 'FYEO® Girls' loved the confidence boost that their photographic skills gave women.


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Word spread, the press visited the studios, reporters came from the USA, British journalists followed, TV & radio celebrities reviewed the studio services and raved about its positive effects in women's self esteem. 

Friends and relatives of the original customers referred friends who then referred more & more friends, women were travelling to the studios, from all over the world. 

14 years later the studio continues to make women grow in confidence and feel good about their bodies. Learning to love the parts about their bodies which once consumed them with worry. 

14 years of helping women to be stronger is something we are all very proud of here at the studio.

What ever life has thrown at you, never give up on yourself. Always be brave enough to turn your life around and see the world in a brighter light.

We are very proud of our world class reputation in the photographic industry. Our all female team of specialist body photographers are selected, not only for their talent, but importantly for their approachable personalities and ability to put our customers at ease


As seen on TV...

Endorsed by celebrities and with rave reviews from press appearances, including The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Sun and Reuters. We have appeared in the movies, on radio and TV, at home and abroad, as well as featuring in many newspapers and magazines. Alexandra Vince regularly judges and gives awards within the photographic industry.

We operate out of our beautiful studios near London and in Manchester.

We are passionate about creating images that flatter bodies and lift spirits, and we believe we do an amazing job.

But don't just take our word for it, read reviews from our customers.

Your Guarantee

We'll get the very best out of your body shape. You won't believe how amazing you'll look in your photo shoot. That's guaranteed, or we'll shoot you again.


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