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Body Portraits

Commission your own professional portraits

During your photo shoot, you'll be directed into extremely flattering poses. The angles and romantic lighting used in the studio promise to flatter your body by showing you a new artistic perspective. It’s a very positive experience which will leave a lasting impression on your self image

The FYEO® experience is a physical one, arching, twisting and stretching into a mixture of yoga - meets twister shapes. The flattering photos will show you how your body looks in a whole new way, with beautiful flattering lighting to soften and highlight your body accordingly.

Indulge your partner's passion for your body. Celebrate your body now, with timeless FYEO Girls boudoir photography to look back on, with a smile!

Have a consultation over the phone with one of the girls by calling 01494 881881or email us > We'd love to hear from you!

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About your photoshoot

  • The FYEO Girls offer a safe place where women can indulge in a partner's passion for her body — or create personal portraits as a confidence boost —  in the comfort of a female run  studio and print production facility.
  • Sessions take place in our unique, private studios. Stylish, private and safe character properties in the South and North of England, UK.
  • The FYEO Girls have a celebrity following, and as well as appearing on TV and in the press, it has gained respect in the photographic industry as leading the way in a new genre of personal portraiture, also known as boudoir photography.
  • Choose from a wide variety of boudoir photo shoots, including the option to have all the digital files from your shoot. View prices here >

Reassuringly private

  • We promise you a truly confidential boudoir photography service, run exclusively by an all female team of photographers, airbrushers and printers. 
  • The FYEO Girls pride ourselves on keeping everything under one roof, offering an in house service from studio to print. You can bare as much as you want to, your pictures will never leave our care — until you sign for them.

Whatever your age or body shape, you can be confident of getting flattering, professional, personal portraits taken in a private setting by a female photographer. Your photos will be an irresistible gift to treasure for a lifetime. 

Established in 2002 by company owner and photographer Alexandra Vince, we offer a professional and flattering solution to the natural desire many couples have for wanting intimate body shots of each other. 



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