• boudoir photography FAQ's

The big questions we get asked about FYEO® Boudoir photography are:

I feel really nervous; can I do this?

You're not alone. It's natural to feel nervous, everyone is nervous before a shoot. To help you feel less nervous, we're an all female run business.

We don't expect you to know how to pose in the studio and we're super friendly. That’s where our expert photographers come in! We promise that your nerves will quickly be replaced with body confidence when you see your pictures!

How do I know my body shape will look good in an FYEO® boudoir photo shoot?

All body shapes look great in our studio from petite to plus size. We use a technique called Body-Sculpting, which is unique to FYEO PORTRAITS®. 


What are the benefits of body-sculpting boudoir photography?

  • Leg lengthening
  • Tummy tucking
  • Skin smoothing
  • Curve creating
  • Body lifting
  • Slimming
  • Confidence boosting!!

We offer a Guarantee that you will love your photos, or get a free re-shoot!

Do I have to be naked?

No. You can wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable, your photographer will double check this with you when you get started.

Who photographs me?

Our friendly all female specialist photographers are Alexandra, Gemma, Charlie and Claire. One of them will direct you and photograph you in a private studio.


We take your privacy very seriously. Your experience in the FYEO® boudoir studio will be private, with just you and your female photographer in the room. We print your pictures and they never leave our care until you sign for them. For digital images, they are password encrypted for your peace of mind.

Who prints & airbrushes my photographs?

Natalie is the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY™ Queen of Airbrushing! Your boudoir pictures are printed and airbrushed here at FYEO® HQ.

What should I bring to my shoot?

Bring all your favourite lingerie in a suitcase! Also your favourite shoes and jewellery.
Your photographer will then guide you into which outfits to wear and when!

How many outfits should I bring to my FYEO® boudoir shoot

This would depend on the length of your shoot, for one-hour sessions we advise 2-3 items, for two-hour sessions 4-5 items.

How should I apply makeup?

Our skin-smoothing studio lighting requires stronger make-up than what you would usually wear. 
If you’re comfortable with doing your own makeup, great! If not we can do the full makeover for you.

How should I style my hair?

Arrive at the FYEO® studio with your hair styled and ready to go for the shoot. We recommend a natural down-do as opposed to formal up-do. We have a wind tunnel to get your hair moving!

Am I too old for a boudoir photo shoot?

You are not the oldest person to have an FYEO® shoot. The most senior lady we have photographed so far is 87! Our age range varies from 20-87 years young! Have a look at our Fabulous at 40 and Beyond gallery.

Am I too curvy, or too skinny?

Absolutely not, we have ladies of all shapes and sizes in the studio every day! You might want to view our Curvy gallery.

How long has FYEO® been running?

FYEO® was started by photographer & owner Alexandra Vince in 2002. She came up with the original concept for boudoir photography by female photographers, offering women modern, sexy portraits in the safety of a girly studio

What package do most people buy?

The Gift Box Shoot is currently our bestseller.

How is FYEO® different to other studios?

  • FYEO® is the longest established boudoir studio in the world
  • Hundreds of happy customer reviews
  • We are 100% a female team from booking into receiving your pictures
  • We offer classy, sexy poses that will empower you. Guaranteed.
  • Our expertise in body photography is world class because you want the best!
  • Fabulous press reviews
  • Trusted by celebrities, as seen on TV
  • We specialise in Body-Sculpting techniques to get the very best out of your body shape
  • You'll get the most amount of poses in the studio for your money, so you can see how your body looks in as many different ways as possible
  • Our customer service promises you a private studio and print services
  • There's no hard sell

Information for Brides creating a wedding gift for their Groom

May - September is our peak Bridal season. You can book a bridal shoot up to 2 years before your wedding. 
You may want to bring your wedding lingerie, veil and tiara to accessorise your shoot, but it's not essential.
We do have a veil that you can use. You can see this in our BOUDOIR BRIDE® gallery.

How do I book my FYEO® boudoir photo shoot?

You can book your shoot online by choosing a package and a location. After you have purchese your boudoir photo shoot package, call the FYEO® Girls to choose a date for your shoot. The girls will work with you to ensure there is enough time  allowed to have your pictures ready for your deadline.

Or you can call our friendly booking line on 01494 881881. 

Opening hours

Our booking line 01494 881881 is open 9.30am to 5.30pm weekdays. Shoots happen 6 six days a week.


You'll be very comfortable in our lovely boudoir studios. We have two locations… one near London and one in Manchester. Sadly we can't have a studio in every town, but it makes us happy that customers regularly travel to visit us and feel it's worth the journey to get the best service!


The studios get booked up months in advance so early booking is essential. 
After your shoot, you need to allow a few weeks for your final prints. Plan plan plan!

Once booked, can I move my appointment?

Yes, you can, this is free if we are given two weeks notice. Any closer and we require a £10 admin fee.


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