Fabulous at 40+ Gallery

Celebrate your 40th birthday with a Body Portraits photo shoot gift!

  • We believe there‘s no age limit to looking fabulous.
  • This gallery features women between 40 and 70.
  • You can see that our beautiful, artistically shot portraits are timeless and age resistant!
  • Our world famous poses and studio lighting are designed to flatter all different body shapes, including yours!
  • Treat yourself to the experience of ‘Incredible Ever After™‘ with a full body makeover photo shoot.

The FYEO Girls have over ten years experience in flattering boudoir photo shoots for people of 40+.  Trust our techniques to get the very best out of your body. 

  • Body balancing,
  • Leg lengthening
  • Slimming
  • Curve creating
  • Skin smoothing

    Book a shoot today! Because life begins at 40!

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40th Birthday gift ideas

An ideal 40th birthday gift is a trip to one of our beautiful studios for a photo shoot. We promise to capture you with a timeless, classic style, which promises to boost your soul!

Celebrate your 40th birthday with the FYEO Girls

An ever increasing number of ladies are coming for photo shoots at the wonderful ages of 40-70.

Women are feeling younger for longer. Just look around you. It's hard to pinpoint the age of women. It seems to me that 60 is the new 40. Whatever the lifestyle reasons, we're thrilled that our style of photography appeals to women over 40!

  • Artistic studio lighting 
  • Flattering  poses for women of all ages
  • Classy sexy style  - revealing, but concealing
  • Private and exclusive, all female treatment
  • Luxury, stylish boudoir studios
  • Female run studios with a celebrity following!

The studios are privately owned by Alexandra Vince — her talented team of female boudoir photographers, make–up artists and skin smoothing air–brushers will make sure your trip to our studio is a once in a lifetime experience which promises to leave you floating on air!

See You soon.

The FYEO Girls


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