Easy to follow directions in your boudoir shoot.

When you’re being photographed it’s just you and your female photographer in the room. She’ll give you direction into mega flattering boudoir poses.

To show your body off at its very best during your boudoir photo shoot, we use professional 'body-sculpting' equipment in our female run studio;

  • The body contouring platform,
  • Skin smoothing lighting
  • Cellulite busting shadow techniques

A bit like a workout, your personal female photographer will give you direction to get you into 'twister meets yoga' boudoir poses in the studio. Our magic combination of lighting, styling and movement will give you dramatic, flattering poses that you will LOVE!  You can see examples of the FYEO portfolio in The Boudoir Galleries.

Posture is key to getting the right look for your boudoir photography and the FYEO Girls are experts at it. You'll be in the studio one to one with your female boudoir photographer. She'll give you all the direction you need to see your body in a brand new light.

Follow Choreographed Direction

During your photoshoot, you’ll be in and out of the different outfits you’ve brought with you. Your photographer will direct you into lots of different flattering poses. Each picture is expertly choreographed, you’ll be given easy to understand directions for every part of your body, even your toes!

The Poses Involve Getting You Into Some Interesting Shapes

You’ll get direction into arching, twisting, bending, kneeling, standing and stretching positions during your boudoir session. It’s a bit like yoga-meets twister! Don’t worry you won’t have to think about a thing, your photographer will help you the whole time, even your toes get direction!

FYEO Lighting is Your Friend

Our lighting is cellulite busting, curve creating, slimming, and mega flattering. The science of our lighting is part of our recipe for your beautiful portraits.

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