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A gift for my husband on our wedding day

A Gift for my Husband on our Wedding Day Choose a boudoir shoot as a 'gift for my husband on our wedding day' Create something special... Boudoir photography expert Alexandra will help you to create something really special for your groom. Gorgeous photos of you as a gift for him. Here's how it works... You visit our specialist Boudoir Bride® studio once, before your wedding - around 6 weeks before, to create a wedding gift for your groom. In just 3 hours you'll create a gorgeous collection of portraits with the help of your female phootgrapher who'll guide you every step
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Wedding Present For Groom at FYEO®

Wedding Present For Groom Wedding present for Groom by FYEO Portraits Woohoo! You're getting Married! We love a good LOVE FEST. Have you thought about creating a wedding present for Groom yet? Portraits of you looking the most confident and s*xy ever will thrill your groom and give you images of your body to treasure forever! Visit the FYEO Studio for one day and bring your wedding lingerie to accessorise. Choose between a Secret Wedding Album, or a Grooms Gift Box with loose photos and leave your present for your Groom to find the night before the wedding with a note
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