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Wedding Gift for Groom

Planning Your Groom's Wedding Gift at FYEO™ Photo Shoots is Exciting! Join FYEO PORTRAITS® clientele of celebrities and stylish brides who are creating tasteful artistic body nudes as a timeless personal wedding gift to your groom.  In our luxury studio, you'll be fully directed by a female photographer into a variety of flattering boudoir poses wearing your favourite lingerie and wedding accessories. Leave your FOR YOUR EYES ONLY™ wedding gift album to find with a note, meet me at the altar! Create a wedding gift for your groom at For Your Eyes only Have fun! FYEO® offer a private service for Brides wanting to create
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Create a Wedding Gift For Your Husband

How To Make a Gift For Your Husband Are you, like every bride I know, struggling to think of a great wedding gift for your husband on that most fantastic of days, your wedding day? Well, let me tell you how to make a gift for your husband! So I’ll confess I am a little bit biased and think that our pictures are the PERFECT gift for your groom. So why not create beautiful, classical boudoir photography images of his beloved for him to cherish forever? We believe that even after a lifetime spent together (the ups, the downs, the moves,
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