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The Naked Power of the Dominatrix

The Naked Power of the Dominatrix Laura Pulver says stripping off for her shock nude Sherlock Holmes dominatrix scene made her feel more confident than ever, and she's not alone... This article was writen for the Daily Express back in 2012 The Boudoir Photoshoot Krisha Barker 26 runs a bespoke jewellers in Leamington Spa and is single she says, "Although at a dress size six I know I'm not fat, I still have body hang ups, like every other woman namely, like not liking my bum or thighs plus I've always been quite shy at 21 I heard about for
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How to discover more bridal body confidence

How to discover more bridal body confidence... Bridal body confidence expert and photographer Alexandra Vince runs FYEO Portraits, a studio which works with Brides to be, helping them to grow in body confidence as they create a wedding gift for the groom. Her insight and knowledge about body confidence is based on her 18 + years of working with Brides and seeing them at their most vulnerable, nude or semi nude, and openly discussing their body issues, hearing what has worked and failed for them and helping them feel differently about their body hang ups. A body image survey conducted
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