Caroline’s Boudoir Photoshoot Story

Age: 46   Dress size: 12

"I’d do it all again in a heartbeat – but this time, I’d be even more daring and sexy!"

I’d seen FYEO Portraits advertised whilst visiting a well-being show in London about ten years ago now, but the fantastic pictures on show there stayed in my mind and I thought how wonderful it would be to have a boudoir photoshoot of my own one day! Unfortunately, though, I’d always had a rather poor self-image and hadn’t been able to afford anything like this while my children were young.

Caroline's boudoir photoshoot story

Caroline's boudoir photoshoot story




I felt that life was too short not to do the things you've always wanted to do.

By the time my children were 16 and 10, however, my second marriage had ended, I was dating again, and starting to feel better about my body.

“I looked at your gallery and thought ‘that could be me!’” 

And then circumstances took over: by 44 I’d lost my only sibling to cancer, survived a serious car accident and been through a second marital breakdown. I felt that life was too short not to do the things you’ve always wanted to – and so I booked my photoshoot after taking another look at FYEO’s ‘Fabulous at 40’ gallery and thinking, “that could be me!”.

I have a friend who’s a keen photographer, and we once did an amateur shoot at an ancient monument, with me in a ball gown, tiara and heels, but I’d never done anything so intimate as a boudoir shoot. On the day, apart from posting an intriguing FaceBook status, I kept the whole thing a secret – even from my boyfriend.

Probably, like most people, I was nervous at first, but my photographer really put me at ease. It was actually very empowering, and I felt throughout the shoot like a glamorous model.

I started off in underwear, hold-ups, heels and jewellery and just went with the flow (and photographer Gemma’s wonderful direction). I ended up completely naked apart from shoes – something I’d never expected! I really loved taking my suitcase full of my most glamorous clothes, and deciding what to wear for each shot and having my make-up applied professionally before the shoot. I’d even worried about the studio being cold for posing with very little on, but it was warm and comfortable, adding to the unique experience!

Although I really enjoyed posing, it did feel, at times, like a cross between yoga, a workout and a game of single-person Twister! There was lots of back-arching and hand-reaching to get the best looks for the camera. But the results speak for themselves. I’ve now got a large canvass on my bedroom wall, plus a framed A3 sized print and nine other photos – I found choosing which photos to buy really difficult, and I’m grateful that they allowed me a week to think about it! My boyfriend now also has a cropped version of one of my shots as his phone wallpaper.

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Life's too short not to do the things you've always wanted to do!

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