Bridal boudoir shots of Sheridan at home

For our bridal boudoir shoot at home, my model Sheridan, a mum of 4 aged 45 gathered her favourite lingerie, heels and tiara to accessorise.  I brought one of the studio veils then we got together to try my FYEO poses on location!

Bridal Boudoir Video

Bridal Boudoir Expert Alexandra photographs Sheridan, age 45.


Bridal Boudoir is easy when you get directed into the poses - that's our speciality!

bridal boudoir featuring sheridan
bridal boudoir at home
bridal boudoir at home
bridal boudoir london

I directed Sheridan into poses in her own house.

bridal boudoir photoshoot
bridal boudoir shoot naked photo shoot

Sheridan's bridal boudoir at home...

Shooting bridal boudoir on location has been on my to do list for a long time. I love the studio environment but always wondered if I could translate the same poses and lighting away from it.

On the day, the light was fairly average. No bright sunshine flaring in through the windows and I didn;t have to deal with the changeable light as the sun went in and out of the clouds.

Sheridan had arranged for the house to be free -  no kids in the background, although her cute dog did want to feature in a few pictures!

Before I started the bridal boudoir shoot I looked around the house with fresh eyes. I was looking for areas where the window light would work. I decide on the sofa area in the sitting room, the dining table and the bedroom.

In the flow...

I think the main difference on this shoot for me was that I wasn't in my normal artistic flow of poses as I am when I'm in the studio.

When I'm in the FYEO studio I work with my lighting as if it were a musical instrument.  I have an overhead lighting grid and move it around constantly to get the differing lighting effects.

Using window light was ok, and the results are great! Sheridan loved her pictures so much, saying that they were fun and fresh. But I felt that it took me a while to get into it. Dunno why, maybe it was just because it was new.

After the shoot it got me thinking that I might be happy to go on location again and that I may offer this as a booking option. I could go to a hotel or home to get the bridal boudoir shots that I know my clients would love.

I'd love to photograph you, contact me for a chat about it 🙂

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