Create Your Own Bridal Boudoir Wedding Gift

This post is all about how to create a Bridal Boudoir wedding gift for your groom…Woohoo! You’re getting Married!

What is Bridal Boudoir?

Bridal Boudoir is a photography session where Brides are photographed wearing their wedding lingerie, heels and jewellery to create a private wedding gift for the groom. It’s a fun and unique experience and it also makes a delicious surprise wedding gift for the Groom! It’s sure to make the big day that extra bit special…

At FYEO Portraits a Bridal Boudoir session takes place with one of our professional photographers Alexandra, Claire or Gemma here in our female run private studio. We’ve got the perfect studio lighting and props to create beautiful scenes and get the best out of every body shape.

Bridal Boudoir is the origin of boudoir wedding photography — an empowering photo shoot where women get to discover more body confidence through the experience of being photographed professionally. It’s been quite well documented… The BBC visited our studio back in 2005 to film a documentary about Bridal Boudoir. Sky TV ran a series following Brides having wedding boudoir photography shoots, which they filmed here in the studio too.

Over 20,000 Brides2Be have visited our Bridal Boudoir photography studio since 2002 and our tried and tested poses and studio lighting have received rave reviews.

“I couldn’t believe she did ‘A For Your Eyes Only Photo Shoot’ for me! perfect perfect perfect! She now sees herself how I see her every day. GORGEOUS.” — E.H. Windsor

What to Bring to Your Bridal Boudoir Photography Shoot

You won’t be needing your wedding dress for this boudoir shoot! Here’s what we recommend you bring along for fun and pulse-racing pictures:

  • Wedding lingerie
  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedding jewellery
  • Veils & Tiara
  • Black lingerie
  • Colour lingerie
  • Heels or your favorite shoes
  • Something belonging to the groom, such as his favourite shirt and tie!

Remember, this is your boudoir shoot and we want you to have the best experience possible, so bring whatever you feel comfortable in. Confidence really highlights your natural beauty, and will make your wedding boudoir photography even more special for you and the lucky husband to be.

Where is the Bridal Boudoir Studio?

We are located in a pretty village called lane End, just 45 minutes from central London. We also have pop up studios in Manchester, by appointment only. Click here to go to our bridal boudoir photography locations page.

Bridal Boudoir Prices

We offer a range of different packages which include a photoshoot session experience AND a product, for example you can buy photoshoot sessions with a Wedding Album, or a Grooms Gift Box or Digital Images.

Click here to view our page and full range of Wedding Boudoir Photoshoot Prices.

During the boudoir photography experience we would love to help you to create the most perfect professional bridal boudoir portraits as a gift for you to give to your partner on the morning of your wedding day. Ensure that your wedding day is the greatest day of his life by coming in to us and creating a fabulous collection of stunning lingerie photographs of you that will knock his socks off. He won’t be able to look away from your beauty! No matter what your size, age or body shape, our all-female team at FOR YOUR EYES ONLY PORTRAITS® know all the techniques to create the beautiful shapes and smooth lines that have become the hallmark of our wedding gifts for Grooms.

Just so you know how much he will love this wedding gift then check out the reactions of some our (lucky) grooms

Grooms’ reactions…

Sarah left her wedding gift for me to find on the morning of our wedding. I must say I was totally blown away with the whole concept of the gift, not only did she look strong and sexy, a woman who I admired, loved and found incredibly attractive, but i could see the effort she had gone to and the amount of thought she put in to the gift. The sensitive and intimate thought behind the gift left me with tears in my eyes. Now we have been married for a couple of years, we enjoy looking at the pictures still.” — Daniel G Enfield.

“I couldn’t believe she did ‘A For Your Eyes Only Photo shoot‘ for me! perfect perfect perfect!. She now sees herself how I see her every day. Gorgeous.” — EH, Windsor

“These were the photos I had always wanted to take of Her ( but couldn’t!! ). An amazing gift” — J Endsly

“We look at them together all the time” — Jamie Goff

How to Book

  1. Choose your wedding gift-making photoshoot experience.  You need to pre pay before your boudoir shoot.
  2. Buy your shoot online, or over the phone by calling our female booking team (The FYEO® Girls!) 01494 881881. They’ll answer any questions you might have about the boudoir shoot.
  3. Arrange a date to come to the studio which is around 6-8 weeks before the big day at the latest.
  4. On the day of your Bridal Boudoir shoot, bring your wedding lingerie, veil and tiara to accessorise yourself and create stunning outfits and scenes.
  5. After your boudoir shoot, you get to choose your favourite boudoir photos to be airbrushed.
  6. From your shoot, you then choose your favourite pictures
  7. We airbrush and print your pictures.
  8. Your boudoir photos are beautifully gift wrapped ‘For Your Eyes Only’
  9. Your photographs album is sent to you in a discreet parcel.
  10. You have created a wedding gift to make a VERY happy Groom AND a more confident you!

During your boudoir shoot, you will be fully directed by your own personal female photographer. She’ll help you every step of the way from choosing which lingerie, hair and outfits to wear to giving you directions to editing your scenes and images. In fact, the FYEO Girls guarantee to give you poses and portraits to make your wedding boudoir photography album the best ever!

Let us be part of your LOVE STORY and make sure that your wedding is the best day of your life! Visit our specialist Bridal Boudoir Photography Studio for a shoot to create a gorgeous collection of boudoir photography for wedding, then deliver them to your partner the night before your wedding with a note… ‘meet me at the altar!’ Seeing you the next day in your stunning wedding dress is bound to blow him away.

Book your boudoir shoot or ask questions by calling 01494 881881 to start planning your gift. Our boudoir bridal photography sessions are perfect for brides looking for a very special gift for the husband to be🙂

See you soon 🙂 Alexandra and The Girls. xx

bridal boudoir photoshoot and gift box