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Bridal body confidence expert and photographer Alexandra Vince runs FYEO Portraits, a studio which works with Brides to be, helping them to grow in body confidence as they create a wedding gift for the groom. Her insight and knowledge about body confidence is based on her 18 + years of working with Brides and seeing them at their most vulnerable, nude or semi nude, and openly discussing their body issues, hearing what has worked and failed for them and helping them feel differently about their body hang ups.

Picture of a bride who found bridal body confidence at FYYEO portraits

A body image survey conducted by the Mental Health Foundation for Mental Health Awareness Week in 2019 revealed that over a third of adults have felt anxious or depressed about their appearance. But if you stop and think about it for a moment, does it come as such a surprise? Have we not all, at one time or another, looked in the mirror and hated the image staring back?

It’s all a matter of that currently trendy word, ‘mindfulness’ – being aware of who you are, the enormous potential you hold within yourself and the ability only you have to accept your size and shape and, instead of criticising every spare inch of flesh, changing the way you see yourself so that you see your best you – the you everyone else sees every day.

And if you’re about to start married life, or just feel like you need to see yourself in a new light, ditching old hang ups about your body is probably pretty high on your agenda. That’s exactly what bridal body confidence expert Alexandra Vince has been doing in her bridal boudoir portrait studio since 2002. Alexandra's studio has photographed over 20,000 brides-to-be, teaching them all new ways of seeing their beautiful natural bodies. Her studio experience promises to boost your pre wedding body confidence with sexy, sensuous and sensitive body portraits using her expertise in posing and professional lighting.

Alexandra’s transformative studio experience teaches brides to relax in front of the camera and embrace their natural shape. By seeing yourself in a fresh light, you’ll discover how to believe that your body is everything nature intended it to be and that it is uniquely beautiful.

Here are Alexandra's 7 Top Tips on Increasing Your Bridal Body Confidence…

1./ Learn to feel beautiful at any dress size.

People who see themselves as too skinny would give anything to be able to put on a few pounds here and there. And if we feel “too fat” and we have a chocolate or two, a dessert at a restaurant, a McDonalds for dinner or a full-blown takeaway meal, we immediately feel guilty! In the cold light of day we know that’s just not right, and a treat now and then is necessary for our well-being and to maintain our inner feel good factor.

In reality, none of us need someone else to tell us we’re beautiful because we are always beautiful, and anyone reading this article and thinking it doesn’t apply to them needs to realise that you are perfect just as you are. If the odd person disagrees then it’s them who have the issue, not you!

Happiness is a major part of mindfulness, and like it, it comes from within. We all need to realise that, while the way our bodies look can certainly contribute to our happiness, it doesn’t actually define it. You may feel like you need to fix your body by eating better and weighing less, but it’s equally important to work on your inner you and tell yourself every time you look in the mirror that you are beautiful. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing your body as too fat or too thin, try looking at it from a different angle – tell yourself body is healthy and happy, instead.

2./ Reduce emotional eating with new thought processes.

If you feel like you’re ruining your life with the obsession to lose weight, if you’re binge eating or eating to fill an emotional void, take a step back and ask yourself why? Think about it: how long does the happiness last when you do this? Do you feel better for long afterwards? Chances are, the answer is no. Instead, the next time you're at the store or in the gym, take a look around you at all the attractive women who are a variety of shapes and sizes. Remind yourself: there is no one ideal. Ask your partner/friends/family what they consider to be your best body assets – chances are you’ll be surprised at their answers. Write them down somewhere and check the list again, standing naked in front of the mirror every morning before you start your day. Focus on each feature. Say aloud what they liked about it – this helps to reinforce positive feelings about your body.

You could even take it a stage further: treat yourself to some different clothes or a new hair style to maximise features you may never have considered before you asked someone. Dress up, not down; sweats may be comfortable but they’re loose and hide your body shape – which is amazing, and something to be celebrated – so buy some heels, a sexy dress and accessorise! And remember, walking round shops and trying on clothes burns calories!

3./ Re connect with your pre bridal body.

When you have low bridal body confidence, you can disconnect from how your body feels, so do something that makes you feel physically good at least once a day.

Treat yourself to a massage, wear those skinny jeans that give you an ego boost the minute you slide them on. When you're tuned in to your body and what it's capable of, the endorphins flow and you're naturally more sensual and sexier – which makes you more beautiful.

As your new, positive body image emerges also remember to respect your body and treat it well. Drink plenty of water and look after your skin. A healthy skin is the sign of a healthy body.

4./ Understand how light affects your body confidence.

It’s not easy but learn not to criticise yourself when you see a reflection of yourself in bad lighting. Learn to say ‘oh that’s terrible lighting’ when there’s an image of yourself which you don’t like rather than blaming yourself.

Learn to recognise good lighting from bad. Bad lighting is generally at its worst when it comes from 90 degrees to your face/body. It universally and without exception makes everyone look bad, even the supermodels!

Badly positioned mirrors are notorious for making us feel depressed about our looks. A correctly positioned mirror should have direct light in front of you to reveal your true beauty. Re-position the mirrors in your home, moving them onto a windowsill rather than at the bottom of the stairs!

The amount of light you see during the day is just as important to your state of mind. If you’ve heard of the circadian rhythm you’ll know its advisable to go to bed when the sun goes down and wake when the sun rises. I mentioned how you can understand and therefore make allowances for the effect of light on your body, this is just as important as it is to understand the way light varies the way your face and body.

5./ Be your most exuberant Bride2be with positive daily routines.

Negative self-talk is hard on us, even when we talk inside our own heads. Whenever you get the chance, put on some music and dance and sing – in the shower, in the kitchen whilst making dinner, in your bedroom whilst getting ready. It makes you feel happy and uninhibited and again, it burns calories!

If you have a lot of drama in your life or if you feel down emotionally, you will benefit from listening to positive affirmations every morning. Try Jason Stephenson or Tony Robbins or Louise Hay for starters.

Building in a routine of self rescue needs to be adhered to robotically to really work. Simply things like making your bed in the morning, smiling at yourself in the mirror, listening to upbeat music, and practising thankfulness will collectively help you to be at your best.

6./ Scars are part of your story but they don’t define you.

Alexandra’s bridal boudoir confidence studio has photographed over 20,000 brides since 2002 and can report that without exception every client has had stretch marks and scars. So what does this tell you? It’s normal. Acceptance of your own stretch marks may feel like an impossible task to overcome but there is help out there. Instagrammers are brilliant at positing ‘real life images’ vs posed pictures, this one is one of my favourites… @danaemercer
follow them and others out there on your feed for a daily reality check.

You are your fiancés grand passion. You are loved totally, inside and out, how brilliant would it be if you could feel the same way about yourself. It’s your shape, your face, your energy they want to see, they want the real you, scars and stretch marks and all!

Stretch marks are something to be proud of , they are your ‘tiger stripes’ which show power and strength. Every woman has them. The same goes for scars, just as your weight doesn’t define who you are either – whatever your weight, however many scars you have, you ARE beautiful.

7./ Try a bridal body confidence-boosting photoshoot

We all deserve to occupy a place of inner peace and balance, one that doesn’t cause you stress, fear or desperation. In that space you’re at peace with your physical being. Alexandra’s bridal studio can help you get to that space with one of my confidence-boosting photoshoots. You’ll find that life’s very different when you rely on your greatest cheerleader – you!

With a confidence boosting bridal photoshoot you’ll learn to see your body in a new and more positive light and you can share the results with your fiancé as a gorgeous wedding gift – or even as a special gift from yourself to the new, body-confident you! Your portraits will make a fabulous wedding gift – something your partner has probably secretly dreamed of, an album of photographs of the love of their life looking the most confident, radiant and sexy ever. You could even leave your stunning portraits for them to find before the wedding with a note saying, “Meet me at the altar!” – or you could just keep them for yourself to remind you of just how beautiful the real you really is.

To discover more bridal body confidence for yourself, book your session today contact photographer Alexandra on 01494 881881 or email [email protected] You can also find out more about a confidence boosting photoshoot by clicking this link.

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