Three Friends Have A Boudoir Photography Gift Experience at For Your Eyes Only Portraits...

Boudoir Photography Gift Experience by FYEO Portraits®

Three friends Jo, Kate and Steph discover how fun the Boudoir Photography Gift Experience is at FYEO Portraits!

Each of them brought a few sets of lingerie, heels, jewellery and a trench coat!

Watch the video and see their fabulous from their Boudoir photography gift experience day.

Boudoir Photography Boudoir Photoshoot
boudoir photography gift experience
burlesque style boudoir

"I've been made to feel so welcome." Kate

"The photoshoot with Alex was amazing.

I burst into tears when they arrived, because I was so nervous and terrified but I've been made to feel so welcome.

I didn't feel like I was naked at all. It was amazing. So relaxing, you so reassuring, and Alex was so precise in telling me what I had to do because I'm hopeless - I wouldn't have known what to do myself."

body oil boudoir by FYEO POrtraits

Jo, 38


"My photoshoot at FYEO is an exciting opportunity to do something new, something different and something weird — out of my comfort zone."

"I've travelled all the way from Durham today to create some awesome photos with Alex so that when I'm old and in a nursing home and I can't remember what life's about I can look back on the pictures and say that was one hell of an experience. And I had an amazing body and I looked better than I ever thought I did."

"It Felt Sexy And Sensual" Jo

The poses Alex directed me into felt sexy and sensual.

The poses put my body into places that I didn't think it would go!

stef nude photo shoot boduoir

"I really enjoyed it!" Stef


"I don't see my body the way it looks when it's in photographs so I'm looking forward to seeing how I look"



"I feel a mixture of emotions, but really happy. It went really well. I really enjoyed it."



Classic nude poses

At FYEO we specialise in nude portraiture for women. The studio is designed to make complete beginners feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

This pose is a classic nude, the simple white sheet makes the shot suggestive and fresh.


Stef boudoir shoot with Alex at FYEO
plus size boudoir photo

Kate, 45

Self love and self care come from a place of calm and peace. Sometimes when we've been through difficult times it can take its toll on our bodies. Part of the recovery and 'moving on' is reconnection, not just with your body but with the world around us.


Kate lost 8 stone as part of her journey. Her spirit and energy are a tribute to her character and beautiful personality.


Highlighting the body with studio light

"I use studio light to highlight shapes and curves on the body.

In this shot I have bounced light off the studio wall to create a soft keylight on the body.


Then I have directed Stef into this shape to get the shoulder and hip to look balanced, whist accentuating the waistline."

Alexandra boudoir photographer


stef nude
Stef boudoir

"I've found a new perspective" Stef

"I’m Stef, I am 35 and I come from North Lincolnshire.

"I look down at my body and see bad things and focus on the things I don’t like about my body."

"I need a new perspective, a better view and I can’t wait to see how I look in the photos Alex takes."

"I cried" Kate

Kate cried with fear before her photoshoot - she so worried about how her body would look.


After her photoshoot, Kate said "I didn't feel like I was naked at all. It was amazing. So relaxing, you so reassuring, and you were so precise in what I had to do."

boudoir with burlesque feathers
Stef bed sheet nude

Classic nude poses

"I was so nervous before the shoot, but you can tell from the pictures how relaxed I was!" Thank you again. Stef.


"My photoshoot was so sexy!" Jo

I loved all the poses Alex got me into, it was an incredible experience.

I've never felt so awesome in my entire life!

it was sexy sensual and just pushing the body out of places that I didn't think that my body would go.

tummy with oil

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Every now and then I open the studio for people to have 'Media Shoots'. A Media Shoot is where there are no rules - and I own the copyright the photos. Volunteers pay a nominal fee are happy to let me experiment and then let me share their images. Stef, Jo and Kate kindly volunteerd in May 2021.